Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prom/Heroes/Bree Tanner- When Life Happens

Its been a long time since my last post! And I apologize. I guess life just happened!
Even at this very moment, I can hardly keep my eyes open, I'm dead tired. But if I go to sleep right now, I know, I'll wake up at 3am or something, like yesterday when I went to sleep at 6pm- I was pooped, and awoke at 2 in the morning.

Things keeping me from the wonderful blog: Farewell/Prom, my summer Internship, various other things including good books and awesome movies/tv shows etc etc.

Wanna see what I wore to the prom/farewell?


A sleeveless red gown(/dress?) with a lacy black shrug, this adorable black butterfly necklace and some cute wedges from Charles & Keith! I know, the shoes dont really match and shit, but thats the best I could come up with since, I really dont wear heels! I looooved my dress. It was so silky smooth and made me feel so feminine and pretty!

After the farewell, my friend Sal came back to mine for a sleepover. We took a million pictures, posing in our dresses [hers was a sexy purple number with a hot sweetheart neckline].
Heres one of me trying to be all sexy/princessy/lady-like and doing a bad foot pop imitation.

Too bad the actual kissing part is missing.

Aw. Adorable no?

The prom was a lot of fun. The whole decor was amazing, really classy:

And then there was a dance floor in the middle, which was basically a thick mass of exuberant teens, moving in tune to the extremely loud music blaring from the huge speakers placed around.
The food was awesome!
This really yummy, creamy pasta, chicken and beef teriyaki and sticky garlic rice. Mmmm. I miss it.

I guess the best part of the whole day was just dressing up and hanging out with my girlies. We had a blast

At the sleepover, Sal and I had a lot of good, old fashioned girly fun the whole night.
American Pie anyone?

Bara maza aya.

Leave a comment letting me know how you spent your Prom/Farewell Night! Mine was awesome.

Now, on to the t.v shows I mentioned earlier- aka Heroes and  Pretty Little Liars!

Heroes was like, the BEST show EVER.
It was basically about regular people who wake up one day and find out the have special abilities. I LOVED THAT SHOW. I was genuinely sad to see it end. The good guys AND the bad were HOTHOTHOT.

The cutest.
The most badass.

Heroes is [or- was] extremely intricate and detailed. Its a show where you know that every little emotion and detail has been thoroughly and flawlessly executed. It has everything, love, humor, darkness and also a lot of light. Its paranormal theme is so brilliant, that it never seems unrealistic, even for a second. And the best part- watching it, you really find yourself caring for the characters. It pulls you in, and even if a season [the last] is horrible, you're still going to find yourself watching it, because its just that good.

Pretty Little Liars, on the other hand just started, so unlike Heroes, you can watch it directly on television. The first two episodes were great. I guess I'll probably start reading the actual books in a few days. Oh- that reminds me- I finished The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner yesterday!

No need for those 'Oh Lawd, shes a Twitard' looks.
I dont worship Twilight, dont worry. I mean, I loved the books and yeah, I crushed on Edward/Jacob for a few months and yeah I may have picked 'Teams' but come on. Didnt everyone?!

Okay no. Dont answer that.
- but rest assured, I dont want to have Edwards babies. 

{On a side note- wtf is up with the whole splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies? I mean, Harry Potter rip off much?}

ANYWAY. So Bree Tanner was good! I wont call it TBBE, but I mean Bree was a pretty likable character- strong willed and smart and I loved the slight bit of romance present, though I really would like to have seen more of Diego. It was also interesting to hear the other side of the story, even if it was so short .
If you've read Twilight and liked it, Im sure you'll like this novella. Its a pretty quick read, so I recommend it to anyone looking for something light.
You can read it for free here! [Till July 5th that is.]

Well, I'm going to get some shut-eye now. I'll write about my internship later [we teach underprivileged kids at a government school in Gizri, Karachi]. Its a lot of fun, sometimes annoying but very tiring. Oh but the kids! They're adorable!

But more about them later!

Gotta jet.

Much Love,



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  2. Hello! I’m having a blog hop over at my blog:

    Come and leave your link so all my readers can follow you too!

  3. I LOVED your dress! So pretty. <3

  4. I loved The short second life of bree tanner too! I wish she hadnt died and I agree with you I wish diego was in it more but the book was great either way I hope stephenie meyer continues writing midnight sun because all her other books (twilight saga, the host and bree tanner) are pure genius! do you agree?

  5. I adore your dress you look amazing!!!!

  6. Stalker-ish Anonymous here again:
    I think I'm lost for words when it comes to the internship you're doing. It's a really spiritual and ethereal thing to do in a materialistic environment we have established around us and i pay homage to the admirable services you render to the organization you're working with- What is it called?
    And if I'm not wrong, you're from Pakistan too?

  7. *merge with above*

    And i must say you look absolutely ravishing; very statuesque :)

  8. Lauren- I AGREE. I really wanted to read Edward's thoughts- all of them. It was sad when Midnight Sun ended.

    Anon(s?)- Haha, thank you so much Anonymous! But you cant even see my face! Check out my latest blog post. I've written about the organization there. And yeah, Im from Pakistan!

  9. Thats pretty cool! Karachi, i assume? That's my hometown!
    Yes i checked out the NGO page and all i can say is.. *applause*

  10. I was stalking through your blog and OMG YOU LIKE HEROES TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111DVNDJNRWJGIIKJDEBIHB!!!!!OEH823787642837.11!!11!!


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