Contact Me/Review Policy

I'm a 18 19 year old girl, currently in the middle of my between-highschool-and-college 'gap year' and I absolutely adore reading.
 If you would like me to review a book for you, have any questions or concerns, or ANYTHING else, you can contact me on

What I Read
I tend to read a wide variety of genres, basically I'm all about Young Adult books- chicklit, dystopians, paranormal romance, adventure, historicals, contemps- if its well written, thought provoking or just plain fun, I'll read it, and if I end up loving it, I will most definitely review it here.
Adult books have also been picked up by myself on occasion- chicklit types, like Sophie Kinsella/Meg Cabot or even deeper authors like  Khaled Hosseini- I read 'em too!
However, I am very selective in what I read. At the moment I have over a 100 books in my to-be-read shelf and if your book doesn't sound really, really good, I probably will not accept your review request. Please do not take this personally, I mean no offense by it, and there are many other bloggers who might want to review your book, even if I don't!
Just email me at and I'll let you know if I'm up for reviewing your book.

Negative Reviews
If I end up hating a book though, or plain disliking, I probably wont review it- I know how precious books are, how when writing a book, it becomes your everything, and I wouldn't like MY book trashed on anyones blog so I'll try to not trash a book here- but hey, if I've promised an author/publisher a review, a review is what they shall get. (Though I try to be very fair about my negative reviews- giving reasons why and all that.)

Book Reviews
 After reading a really good (or bad) book, I usually end up reviewing it here, though that's not always the case, 9 out of 10 times, I will put up a review. The books I end up reviewing are usually the ones which touch me the most, either positively or negatively, but if I commit to reviewing a certain book, rest assured, you will hear about it on my blog.

My reviews are all honest and basically consist of my exact thoughts and opinions on the novel. They can go up to several paragraphs or be as short as a single one.
I also include out-of-5 ratings for all the books that I review.
I also share my reviews on goodreads.

I'm open to ebooks but I prefer hard copies.