Friday, April 30, 2010

(N)- Thumbs Down

Told you, it never lasts. I didn't win the stupid giveaway, and my siblings are little bitches. Okay. So they are my 'biological sisters', my own 'flesh and blood'.. but seriously? If they're going to keep acting like THEY are older than ME, well, I'm sorry, I'll stick with the adoption theory. UGH. I HATE THEM. I seriously wanted to punch both of them today. I even got into a slight cat fight with one of them, which okay, maybe was a bit too far fetched, but really? My blood boils just by interacting with them. I cannot for them to GTFO of my room, where both of them are comfortably holed up, because my uncle refuses to leave our house. Seriously, some people just do NOT understand the concept of 'Cutting the cord'. Even in their late forties. Not that hes ALL bad, he gave me the iTouch after all. But still. I hate kids, and I seriously can NOT stand them. Or maybe its just the brats I live with. They make me go from this to this Anyway, if I were to look on the bright side, doesn't this picture make you smile? She looks so HAPPY here. Plus shes soo pretty, with that SEXY book, I cannot wait to read. Plus PLUS, don't you just love her pretty necklace? I know I do. Aah. Getting my hands on this book will be very frustrating, since its going to be mega expensive here, and the ebook is going to take a long, long time, to be available. Ah. Life sucks. Then you die. It basically lose lose if you ask me. But I really think Meg looks beautiful here, so fresh and totally in her element! Ps, I stole this picture from her blog, check it out here: In other news, me and a friend of mine are going to have brunch at this uber cool place, this Sunday! I cannot wait, since the food is supposed to be really good there, and I'll wear this super hot outfit, which I have been saving for a long time. Its pretty sad actually, I have quite a few nice outfits saved up for going out and stuff, but uh- OOPS, I have no where to go. I truly am, in the true sense of the word, pathetic. Add that to the whole still-failing-in-physics and you have got 'Chick Lit Girl', the chick-lit book whore who sucks. As usual my thoughts are confusing and rambling. Until next time, Much love, CLG.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So, AAL IZ WELL! Well, for the time being. It never lasts. I finally got an A in Literature. My teacher was right, if I had JUST studied her notes and stuff more carefully, and done my assignments, I could have been at the top of the class right now. I guess I'm the 7th or 8th in class at the moment. But I'm happy. Finally something positive. Also, I think I'll be able to go to the Executive Retreat after all! They changed the venue and now ITS IN LAHORE :D And as we all know, Lahore is my happy place. I also got this idea for a book I would like to write. I'm still working on the details and I hope this idea doesn't fall through like the last one. I am also hungry. Haha. Oh My God, AAAAAAAAAAND, greenbeanteenqueen's Simone Elkeles' book give away contest ends tomorrow! InshaAllah, FINGERS CROSSED, I win! My watch has stopped working again. How annoying. I almost got a heart attack when I woke up today and saw the time. Thank God it was the watch, or else I would have missed Chem again, and Sir B, who already hates me, would despise me more. I do NOT need that right now. OOOHHH, by the way, I am reading this really good book at the moment. It is the sequel to 'Uglies', called 'Pretties' by Scott something. The books are actually pretty good, they're a bit like the Hunger Games you know, the whole controlling government, the people trying to escape and dont know if there are others living in the ruins.. okay I'm not making sense, but people who've read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire will know. I salute you people, because those were REALLY amazing books. I cannot WAIT for the third one! Who do you prefer, Peeta or Gale? I dont know.. I guess logically, Peeta would be the best, but Gale has this thing about him, which is so raw and sexy you know? Aaah. I dont know. I just want to read Rules Of Attraction by Simone Elkeles. I CANT WAIT for D [bff who lives in the US] to send it to me. UNTIL NEXT TIME! Much Love, CLG.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poetic.. Poems?

Shake and shake The ketchup bottle. None will come, And then a lot'll. - Richard Armour You got that right Richard. Except I prefer barbecue sauce.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I dont know why you say goodbye.. I say hello!

Life is once again annoying me. I went to this flea market on Sunday. I got some pretty good stuff from there. And that made me happy for a while. But then I got angry again [ never lasts]. My Dad isn't letting me go to my school's 'Executive Retreat'.. its apparently 'unsafe'. He is the MOST over protective father I have ever come across, and that makes me mad. He is unreasonable and confiding in him, is like shooting yourself in the foot. Totally not worth it. My best friend, the guy, who lives in the US is getting me Rules Of Attraction! I love him for that. I can't wait to read it. Good books always give me this fuzzy feeling inside. They're like a high. Its short lived, but pretty sweet all the same. I'm currently reading Uglies, by Scott Westerfeld. Also the Mediator, by Meg Cabot. Im on either the 3rd or 4th part.. Im re-reading them since I love that series A LOT. Its one of the best books I've read. And I have read a LOT of them. I was browing the internet, doing nothing in particular. I came across this interesting word: happify v. to make happy Yes, its an actual word. Though I don't know if its in the dictionary yet. Look it up. I wish someone would happify me. Is that correct English? I don't know. Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name, and it feels like home. Gotta love Glee. Puck is hot. So is Mr Shoe. Yeah i get that that's not how its spelled. But at this point, I really couldn't care less. Is this depressing you? My ex-bff sucks. I hope she comes around, realizes how much shes hurt me, apologizes, and we can go back to being bffs. Seriously, I mean, I miss her. But this isn't a fairy tale. Though even if it was, I would be one of Cinderella's step sisters since my feet certainly resemble theirs. I mean how hard is it to make shoes in ALL sizes? Whenever I go to shoe stores, my size which varies between an 11, 9 and 10 is NEVER ever available. I thought I could buy those amazing, sexy shoes available at that particular flea market. But wow, I hit a dead end there as well. I have NO dainty ballet flats and not a single pretty pair of pumps. Why the fuck not? Because this is is my foot size. Cheers. CLG

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My life in lyrics.

When I'm too busy/tired/cool to write a blog entry, I'll post over here the lyrics of a song I feel really sums up the sitch I'm in. So here goes. I never really ever know what to say When all of my emotions get in the way I'm just trying to get us on the same page I always get it better right afterwords When all the wrong impressions are said and heard How come I can never get the right words? I need to convey, Wish I could explain what I mean to say - Lights And that concludes Part1 of 'My Life in Lyrics'. Love, CLG

Monday, April 12, 2010

Good books=eye candy.

Okay, first things first. My favorite blogger/Book Reviewer is having another wonderful book giveaway! Shes giving away the whole Airhead series to one lucky reader. Be sure to check it out here: I hope I win, I REALLY really want to read the last book in the series. The first two were brilliant- just like everything Meg writes. I'm re-reading the Mediator series again, I LOVE them. Meg has the most crush worthy characters, plus all the heroines are awesome, they're strong and confident [mostly without realizing it] and I can totally relate to so many of them. Plus Meg herself is such a fun person. Not that I met her in person- puh-leez, I'm not that lucky yet- but I do read her blog [] and its always full of cool things about her life and other random shit. Oh did I mention I GOT A HAIRCUT? Okay, its not that exciting since my mom didn't let me be daring BUT IN YOUR FACE MOTHER, MY HAIR WAS PURPLE ONCE. Yeah, that was way back in December. I went to Lahore for my Winter break and asked my aunt who owns a beauty salon there, to just do it. Sometimes change is good, other times it just sucks. This was the former. I loooved my purple hair, but then it turned red. I dont love them that much anymore. It looks like I dumped a bowl of Henna on my head, which is seriously not the look I want to go for. BUT, back to books. I also read this amazing book, Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles a few days ago. There really WAS perfect chemistry between the main characters, Alex and Brittany. They were on fire. So its like this. Alex is a 'bad boy', Brit is the 'good girl'. Its hate at first sight but then (obviously) they fall in love. Pretty cliched, I know. But its not all that simple. Alex is involved in a VERY dangerous gang, plus he's getting closer to figuring out who father's murderer really was. Just trust me on this one, people who love romance, you'll LOVE this book, especially the ending, its all wrapped up, kind of cheesy, but great all the same. Its not all about the romance though, not a fluffy read, its very intense at times and some parts even made me LOL! Oh and the clincher? I read it in five hours, and I'm proud of it :D More rantings later, Love, Chick Lit Girl

Thursday, April 8, 2010

And here I am...

Sitting, pigging out on Pineapple Surprise. Okay, I realize that sounds like something gross you would get at the cafeteria, but believe me, its deelish. So here I am, pigging out on desert, writing a blog post, PROCRASTINATING. That sounds like a dirty word. But yes. I'm doing it, when I have a huge English exam tomorrow. So lets see. What are the oh so cool things I'm doing here. Well, for starters, I'm listning to 'The Last Song' by Dave Days. [] He is so adorable. Hahah. I was also reading one of my friends' blogs. Lets call her... S? I don't really want to take real names here, for one, its like- WHAT IF SHE/SOMEONE I KNOW READS THIS? I don't even know if I'm going ask my friends to 'check my blog out'. Maybe someday. So anyway, S, writes really well. Or so the english teacher seems to think. I don't really have an opinion on that yet. Sometimes it seems shes trying to hard, other times, its very natural. Shes a nice girl, this S, but she can be really bitchy sometimes, if you don't watch your step. That kind of makes me hate her sometimes, but as they[I] say, its not all about the sugar is it? But I wish it WAS all about the sugar. Okay, throw in a few fire breathing dragons here and there, but BALANCE IT OFF WITH FAIRIES GODDAMMIT! Am I boring you? It doesn't matter, unless I TOLD you to check out this blog- then, I'm really sorry. This is how I write usually. So, stfu. In other news, I seriously want to visit the Harry Potter theme park. Harry Potter=Love, is what I always say. I was watching Ellen the other day, where she takes these two adorable boys there, and wow. It was BRILLIANT. I have also been obsessively reading out it a lot, from various articles, and stuff, and it sounds/looks positively delightful. But alas, I dont really think I'll be going there anytime soon. That, just bites. Hard. On the butt. Its really funny how people make fun of Lady Gaga and Justin Baby- oh excuse me- Beiber. All jokes aside, when I first heard Justin Beiber, I thought he was doing the song with some girl. So I kept waiting for the man-voice to come. Waiting ... waiting... waiting... *song over*. I'm still waiting. And I was seriously amused watching his 'Baby' video, frankly, he looks like a thirteen year old, acting ghetto. Or maybe a small man who hasnt hit puberty yet. What if he DOES hit puberty? What if his voice goes really bad? End of his music career? He'll probably sell a lot of tween porn though, since hes so 'cute' and shit. My own sister thinks hes hot. One of the reasons why I'm convinced shes adopted. LETS NOT FORGET I HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW! Or... lets just. So, my best friend has decided that she MAYBE wants to wear a hijab. She asked what I thought about it, and frankly, I don't know what to think really. I mean, isnt that a huge step? I'll have to remove ALL our facebook pictures for one! Okay, I know this makes me seem selfish, but no, seriously, I mean has she even thought about it? Wearing a hijab is like, serious. You either do it properly, or you don't do it at all. For example, I dont want her to be one of those girls who wear a head scarf and thats it. Oh, we're all nice and muslim now! One way ticket to Heaven! Yes, I know, Im the last person to say anything, since I dont wear one myself, but see, if you chose to cover your head, shouldnt you cover your chest first? The girls who wear tight t-shirts, showing [off, in some cases] their full figure, while covering their heads- seriously ladies? Is this a joke? Is it still April fools? A head scarf means, you'll have to PROPERLY embrace your religion, which is scary, for me, truthfully. Pray 5 times a day and everything. I used to get tutored in math after school from this one girl when I was younger. She went to do Umra in the summers, and when she came back, Surprise! She was wearing a head scarf, and talking baout how pious she felt and shit. It was the same with her. I saw her dressing often, [okay, yeah I might sound really backward and shit BUT-] in T shirts and jeans, her butt and boobs, not hidden, but her hair- fully covered under gauzy scarves. A bit too pious, I thought. I dont get, whats the use of covering your hair, if you're not going to cover the main parts? I know, I know. I dont wear a scarf, I dont read the Quran, what the fuck do I know right? But I've started reading it- IN ENGLISH this time. And yeah, I'm on the path. As for the hijab-rant, well, its a free country folks! I should stop now. More later. Love, CLG. PS- If you're reading this, leave a comment- What do you think about the hijab thing? PPS- Keep it light.