Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cory is Dead, and Pizza is Good.

I haven't been here in like..... ages. God.
Such a failed blog this has become, it's sad. 
So I'm sitting in bed right now, stealing the neighbor's wifi because my uncle took ours. (long story).
My butt hurts because I've been sitting in this position for an hour now. If I move, the wifi disconnects and my Glee episode stops streaming.
So fml.
Which reminds me...
Cory died. Cory. Died.
He is DEAD.
I cried. I really did. And my way of mourning is to re watch everything. He was so freaking adorable. Sigh. I can't even begin to understand what Lea must be feeling. It's so fucking tragic and sad. He really made me happy you know? Glee made me happy. Hopefully still will. Cory was a big part of it. I can never forget one of the most romantic lines in television history: STAY AWAY FROM MY FUTURE WIFE!
Oh Cory. You're freakin dead.

I've thankfully started reading again, these hols. I read one of the BEST series ever. The Ashes trilogy, by Ilsa J Bick. SO GOOD you guys! Very creepy and gross with a good dose romance. Loved them.

Summer is going well, bordering on mediocre, leaning towards goodish.

The humongous pies from NYP certainly help things a lot.

More later,



Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wallbanger and Froyo

Wallbanger was really good. It was also the LAST BOOK I'V READ IN A WHILE.
*shoots self*
This is ridiculous. I'm a freakin' book blogger, for crying out loud. But its a sad, sad truth. I've been so busy lately. Art school is crazy, and it keeps me busy EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. From 7am to 6pm.
So more about Wallbanger.
In the beginning  it seemed dull and boring. The dialogues also felt outdated, like some really old person was tryna write about teens, and failing. But a few chapters later? The witty banter- oh my GOD. It was so delicious and refreshing.
That was the highlight of the book, the sparks between the two main characters.
There were other things too, like the fact that there were underlying themes of feminism, and all that food description. Yum.
I'd give Wallbanger a solid 3/5, and 4/5 for the witty shizz.

I don't think I've mentioned this here yet but... I'm doing a tiny thing via facebook.
I have my own teeny tiny business, called Prisms and Paintbrushes where I sell my art. So far, I've got an album of whimsical greeting cards, so do check it out.
Or like.......... don't.

Anyway so today I was reeeaallly in the mood for some froyo, but I looked and smelled like a sad hobo.
I didn't really want to go out like that in public ya know, I mean, pfft, I own a business now, shizz. But I also did not want to change.
So this is what I did.

<3 td="">

This song was playing in the car, thanks to my S3, and come on, how can you NOT want to bust a few moves while listening to the second half?
I totally busted said moves- and then had to stop because my mom threatened to pull over and kick me out.
Probbbbbably had something to do with the people staring from passing cars.
But seriously. So unfair.

On the way home, we had some vintage shizz playing, and I was singing along because that's something I do *shrug*, and my mom shook her head, saying something about how I would drive my husband up the wall.

You have no idea.



Friday, January 18, 2013

Molten Lava Cake

So I was checking my followers and omg, I've 170+ now, which is cool as fuuuuuck and made me all 'Omg people still luff meee!!'. So I clicked around, stalked a bit, and came across this poem on one of the blogs. My poem below is inspired by its first two lines, so thanks for that Zoha!

I was going to call this one Molten Lava Cake, because its all fierce feelings and shizz, but its love so its all yummy and chocolaty too. However, then I decided- actually, on second thought, f it.
 Ima call it Molten Lava Cake, as deep as that is.
Until anyone else can come with a slightly pretentious yet obviously cooler name in the comments? Please and thank you guys.

Molten Lava Cake

Your life beat strong beneath my lips
As I stretched out my fingertips 
Trying to hold on to you, to time
To keep myself in this moment so very alive

Your moans kindled a fire within
as breaths got heavy and hands wandered 

never still but then time slipped from the tips of hands 
 too shaky to be fully in command 
And rolled off crashing to its end
Pulled apart by claws and told to bend
Our nightmare took shape, dark and black

But you stood strong and I with you
As hands held hands and vowed never to
Bend or break or ever let go
They held on as the gales ripped through
And held on as the floods threatened too 
As the plagues plagued 
 as the minds cried
They held on with almost shaky sighs
The end was near, predictions bleak
 But in the end? 

Your lips beat life through mine again
Hands intertwined with you and time again
Hopeful and happy and holding on tight
Never giving up, not ever without a fight.

I've started reading Wallbanger by Alice Clayton so hopefully that'll be good.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

And, I'm back.

I've been really neglecting this space here, and even though I'm the worst book blogger ever, it STILL feels like not fun and a sort of pressure to write really good book reviews. So yes, there will be reviews, but there will be other, maybe, hopefully probably, lots of other blog posts in here in which I just rant/rave/vent and that is all I shall do.

Here is a poem I wrote, inspired by a friend and her relationship/s.

Grilled Cheese

I still loved you in January.
They told me its okay to cry
I still loved you in February
They held me close and sighed
My heart held on in March
But the love refused to leave
And in April there were dreams
Dreams that I slowly weaved
You would remember me
As i remembered you
But May came around
And my dreams, slowly fell through
I still loved you in June
But breathing, it was easier now
I missed you in July
And in August too
But they were always there- and life again begin to bloom
In September there were chinks in the armour
But October bought change
It brought me all the hope I'd thought lost,
Brought in all the hope again
I did not miss you in November
I did not love you in December
And in January,
I love him.

I'd love for somebody to critically analyze it in the comments below. Or maybe a guess at the meaning behind the extremely deep title?
Its five am and I've been watching College Humor and Ellen for a couple of hours now and now my face hurts. 
Waaaaayyy too many lolz.

For getting into art school, my Dad bought me an S3. 
APPLE CAN SUCK MY DICKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Except not really since I don't actually have one.
A dick, that is, not the S3.

Picture for proof:

Initial thoughts? 
Its way too big. That's what she said.
Midway thoughts?
Its slow.
After resetting?

I am also in love. 

Oh, happy new years and shizz.