Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered.

Its been ages since my last post!
And I apologies, but you see, I was busy having the time of my life in Lahore!
I dont have any family here, in Karachi, and it was such an awesome change to meet everyone back in Lahore. I came back just yesterday. And guess what? My BESTESTEST friend in the whole wide world is BACK from Canada!
You have NO idea how happy I am! We're finally meeting up after a whole year tomorrow and I cant wait. She got me some books and a lot of candy! Yum yum. :D

I also got this amazing book from Lahore. It features three paranormal short stories. So far I've only read one, but it was awesome! I cant wait to read the other two.

So, while getting on the airplane to Karachi, I kept wishing that the person sitting next to me would be a  really hot guy. But because this is ME we're talking about, it turned out to be one of those many creepy old men that populate our city. Anyway, so I was disappointed and stuff, but the the worst part was, reading this book in front of him.

I probably shocked the poor fellow with my baysharmy. (forwardness?) I mean I was reading a book with a half naked girl on the cover! Tauba Tauba man. He probably thought I was one of those 'fast' girls who talked to boys and wore capri pants.
The horror.

Anyway, here is the blurb in case you want to check it out yourself! {I would totally recomend it to chicklit and paranormal romance lovers!}

For the first time in one volume, the New York Times bestselling author presents three tales of paranormal romance.

In "Everything She Does is Magick," a trio of matchmaking witches chooses unsuspecting little Nathan McBride as the perfect mate for their baby niece. The future looks rosy indeed, except for one little catch: they must keep him a virgin!...A lady private eye on the run from some dangerous gangsters invokes a spell of protection in a fit of desperation--and conjures up a dashing musketeer looking for his damsel in distress in "Musketeer By Moonlight."...And in "The Con and the Crusader," Jack McCain jumps into a well-and into the past. Mistaken for a criminal, he's headed for prison, until he's freed-with a wedding proposal! 

I also saw Toy Story 3, and thankfully was not disappointed.
It was funny, adorable and even had a hint of romance! {Okay, so it was seriously that, a hint- but still!}
If you loved the first two, I'm positive you'll love this one as well.

Now that I'm back, I really want to catch up to Pretty Little Liars again! Have you guys seen it yet? If you have, dont you just love it? I'm on the second book at the moment and the forth episode. They're pretty good  so far!

I think the prettiest of them is Aria and then maybe Emily. What do you think?

Also, what awesome things have you guys done so far? Hows summer 2010 working out for you?!

I love getting feedback from my fabulous followers!

Okay, now I gotta jet.

Till next time,



  1. Let me borrow book after you're done with it?


  2. And here I was thinking Chick-lit was a kind of bubble gum....dunno why :D

    Good that you're back though :)

  3. Ha, my go to magazine for the plane is Cosmo. So awkward when I'm always seated next to someone overly religious that doesn't seem to appreciate 101 tricks to enhance your "O".

  4. Sal- For sure.

    Saj- Thanks Saj, I really appreciate it. And haha no, chick lit is a genre!

    JoJo- Cosmo can be pretty steamy.. me and my best friend used to secretly read it in the library when we were younger. Good times.


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