Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prom/Heroes/Bree Tanner- When Life Happens

Its been a long time since my last post! And I apologize. I guess life just happened!
Even at this very moment, I can hardly keep my eyes open, I'm dead tired. But if I go to sleep right now, I know, I'll wake up at 3am or something, like yesterday when I went to sleep at 6pm- I was pooped, and awoke at 2 in the morning.

Things keeping me from the wonderful blog: Farewell/Prom, my summer Internship, various other things including good books and awesome movies/tv shows etc etc.

Wanna see what I wore to the prom/farewell?


A sleeveless red gown(/dress?) with a lacy black shrug, this adorable black butterfly necklace and some cute wedges from Charles & Keith! I know, the shoes dont really match and shit, but thats the best I could come up with since, I really dont wear heels! I looooved my dress. It was so silky smooth and made me feel so feminine and pretty!

After the farewell, my friend Sal came back to mine for a sleepover. We took a million pictures, posing in our dresses [hers was a sexy purple number with a hot sweetheart neckline].
Heres one of me trying to be all sexy/princessy/lady-like and doing a bad foot pop imitation.

Too bad the actual kissing part is missing.

Aw. Adorable no?

The prom was a lot of fun. The whole decor was amazing, really classy:

And then there was a dance floor in the middle, which was basically a thick mass of exuberant teens, moving in tune to the extremely loud music blaring from the huge speakers placed around.
The food was awesome!
This really yummy, creamy pasta, chicken and beef teriyaki and sticky garlic rice. Mmmm. I miss it.

I guess the best part of the whole day was just dressing up and hanging out with my girlies. We had a blast

At the sleepover, Sal and I had a lot of good, old fashioned girly fun the whole night.
American Pie anyone?

Bara maza aya.

Leave a comment letting me know how you spent your Prom/Farewell Night! Mine was awesome.

Now, on to the t.v shows I mentioned earlier- aka Heroes and  Pretty Little Liars!

Heroes was like, the BEST show EVER.
It was basically about regular people who wake up one day and find out the have special abilities. I LOVED THAT SHOW. I was genuinely sad to see it end. The good guys AND the bad were HOTHOTHOT.

The cutest.
The most badass.

Heroes is [or- was] extremely intricate and detailed. Its a show where you know that every little emotion and detail has been thoroughly and flawlessly executed. It has everything, love, humor, darkness and also a lot of light. Its paranormal theme is so brilliant, that it never seems unrealistic, even for a second. And the best part- watching it, you really find yourself caring for the characters. It pulls you in, and even if a season [the last] is horrible, you're still going to find yourself watching it, because its just that good.

Pretty Little Liars, on the other hand just started, so unlike Heroes, you can watch it directly on television. The first two episodes were great. I guess I'll probably start reading the actual books in a few days. Oh- that reminds me- I finished The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner yesterday!

No need for those 'Oh Lawd, shes a Twitard' looks.
I dont worship Twilight, dont worry. I mean, I loved the books and yeah, I crushed on Edward/Jacob for a few months and yeah I may have picked 'Teams' but come on. Didnt everyone?!

Okay no. Dont answer that.
- but rest assured, I dont want to have Edwards babies. 

{On a side note- wtf is up with the whole splitting Breaking Dawn into two movies? I mean, Harry Potter rip off much?}

ANYWAY. So Bree Tanner was good! I wont call it TBBE, but I mean Bree was a pretty likable character- strong willed and smart and I loved the slight bit of romance present, though I really would like to have seen more of Diego. It was also interesting to hear the other side of the story, even if it was so short .
If you've read Twilight and liked it, Im sure you'll like this novella. Its a pretty quick read, so I recommend it to anyone looking for something light.
You can read it for free here! [Till July 5th that is.]

Well, I'm going to get some shut-eye now. I'll write about my internship later [we teach underprivileged kids at a government school in Gizri, Karachi]. Its a lot of fun, sometimes annoying but very tiring. Oh but the kids! They're adorable!

But more about them later!

Gotta jet.

Much Love,


Monday, June 14, 2010

I Still Miss Her.

I started this post a number of times, but then I thought the heck, and here it is.

Its officially over between me and my ex-best friend.
She went away for the vacations, and me being the pathetic, loser that I am, was 'broken up' inside because we had not talked in ten months. Since she stabbed me in the back that is.

We had a sort-of fight around September. I thought if I wouldn't speak to her for a few days, she'd apologies, because it was her fault- but the days turned into weeks and then a whole month passed. I was alone at that point, I needed her- so bad- so I decided that I would try to talk to her.
She ignored me.
I tried to get her to talk but she ignored me again and... again. I just thought she was scared of confrontation.. she had been like that, and the ways I tried to talk to her were probably not the best, I guess.
At first I tried to just talk to her, then I tried to provoke her into talking to me, but she never took the bait. I wasnt even worth a reaction.
I was hurt. I was very hurt. But I thought it didnt matter. Maybe she was just mad or scared of admiting that she was wrong. I dont know! But I knew it wasnt because she didnt want to be friends anymore. It couldn't be.

A few more months passed and she made tons of other friends and I made some too.. but I could not forget her, even though I put on a tough exterior.
On her part, she was perfect. Partying, having a great time, she never, ever once showed that she missed me. I thought that was just on the outside you know? A part of me hoped she missed me as much as I did.
We'd been together since the seventh grade for God's sake!
I knew her [or thought I did] and she knew me. We'd been through a LOT together, we always had each others back, and I seriously loved her. She was good, she was mine, we were inseparable.
We made all the usual promises- Best friends forever- I'll always be there for you- the usual nicknames, the plethora of inside jokes.

She went abroad for the vacaz, and yesterday, I just couldnt stand how for apart we were.

So finally, after a long time of indirect conversation through friends, formspring, and messages which went unanswered by her- I facebook inboxed her, asking her if we could talk.
I was confident she wouldn't say no. I mean, all our mutual friends had told me of how much she 'missed' me and she even sent me a 'good luck for your exams' text. And throughout those ten months, she was never directly harsh- just unresponsive.. if that makes sense. She was perfectly nice when we talked face to face, on the extremely rare occasions that we did- but I wanted her back. The real her. Not the fake person she was now. I needed her. I missed her.
And above all... I knew her! She was MY little pixie (our nickname for her) and we'd shared the most important high school years together! I just knew she would try to make things better- I mean, I had waited for her to make the first move and it was time to swallow my ego right? Make the first move [again] ?

Her reply, was a simple: Things are fine as they are now. Let's just stick to being acquaintances. 

For a moment there, I was numb.
What the fuck? What?

I never, ever, EVER thought I would live to see this day- as dramatic as that sounds.
I mean, how the fuck can she do this to me?
I thought I KNEW her. I thought we were FRIENDS- BEST friends.
I guess I thought wrong eh?
For 5 whole years, our 'friendship' was a lie?

I just cant wrap my head around it. I mean, okay, we had a fight, but if we fucking TALK we can work things out right, or at least, she could let me know why she did what she did, and why she doesnt want to be friends anymore! Right?

I just, cannot grasp the fact that our 4 to 5 years together have been what, a LIE? \They cant have been.
I knew her...

I dont understand.
Its cheesy, and I know I shouldn't be- but I'm so heart broken, I'm so lost I'm so desperate.
Ugh. I'm pathetic.

I was ALWAYS there for her, and when I needed her the most, she disappeared at that exact moment.

What perfect timing.

I just.

I dont know. I'm hot and cold. Sometimes, I feel like this:

Other times, its just this:

My friends tell me to give it up. To stop torturing myself over some one who clearly does NOT give a shit.
No one can fake five years of their life. Not five whole years. She's in their somewhere, call me crazy, but I still have hope, that somewhere- deep down- my pixie exists.
I just wish I knew what happened to her, to us.

I shouldn't but..
I still miss her.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

CLG aka Twitter Noob

So guess what? I never knew that the status updates we post on Twitter could be actually linked. I thought that you had to skim a whole profile to find the status you were looking for, and couldn't just link it someplace.
Apparently, [obviously] I was wrong. And I feel really dumb now. I've been entering a lot of giveaways [links in the sidebar- scroll right down] and whenever they asked for a re-tweet or twitter link etc, guess what I always post/ed?
Yeah, my profile link.
They probably thought/think I was/am slow.

Oh well. If you're a twitter noob like me, I'll let you know. Yes, your individual status can be linked! Just click that date under your post, and you're good to go! Yay!


So we have our 'farewell' [kind of like Prom, but not really] soon, and [probably] I'M WEARING A DRESS!
I'm excited for that because its going to be the first time since I was a little girl that I'll be wearing something like that! At first, I wanted my mom to get this made for me [shes sort of a fashion designer]:

Obviously with sleeves, and the neckline wouldn't be as deep- but then we talked about it and agreed on this other dress which my Mom believed would look better on me. I dont have a picture of that, but if my Mom makes it on time, I'll definitely post a picture here!

I love the above dress though, its so pretty, and pink, and flowy and I adore that belt around the waist. They stone work on it is GORGEOUS.

Ugh. I wish I was slimmer. My mom thinks I would look fat in it, since it would enhance my tummy or something. Hmm. I don't know.

On another note.. I also gave in my Cover letter and Resume to this Hospital I would like to volunteer in.The lady who received them was so impressed with both! Its was kinda funny, but felt really good to be appreciated, even for such a tiny thing. Dont get the wrong idea. Both the documents weren't that great, They were okay. I guess. But this is Pakistan and it doesn't take much to impress if you're professional and different in a good way. I mean, I would have just given in a crummy application, but my school has taught me better, and I used that knowledge... and WALLLAH! She said they would deff give me a call in July!
So thats settled.
I'm going to check up with the magazine internship thing for June and in between all that- just have fun!

Summer 2010.
Here I come.

I wanna know. Comment and tell me!

Much Love,

More laterrr,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer is ALMOST HERE.

Hullo lovelies!

So. On my last post, which was a sad post, I had like 9 comments, which is the most I've gotten so far... WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU? Do I have to write about how I'm slitting my wrists to get a response from you guys?
Sadistic MUCH?
Dont worry though.
Theres plenty more where that came from!
Because this is my life we're talking about.

So, I have my Physics exam tomorrow, and then on the 10th I have Chem and then?
Well, until August that is.

I have soo many plans for the summer!

First of all, I'm going to be interning at a really lame magazine. BUT, its an internship- at a MAGAZINE. So thats all that matters to me. Maybe I can make it a bit cooler than it is atm! Haha. Im excited about that, because yeah, I love to write and read- duh.
Secondly I'm going to read as MANY books as I can lay my hands on.

Want a summer reading list?
Heres mine:

Well there you have it! Sexy? I KNOW.
I cant wait.
I may add more as time goes on, but these are the ones I HAVE at the moment.
Theres one book I REALLY really want to read, but I dont have it [yet] :(
Its this one:

My stupid so-called best friend was supposed to get it for me, from the states, but hes too pathetic, so now I dont know when I'll get it.


I also want to watch a ton of movies, I'll make a list later- and I want to just hang out with my other girl friends and for once relax without worrying about the stupid assignment I haven't yet completed or the huge exam I have to study for.

What are your summer plans?

Lemme know by commenting- come on, dont you wanna prove you're not a sadist?
Haha, but seriously guys? Thanks for all the love. It made me feel waaayyyy better.

I should study now.


Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hey guys, So, all I can say is, I've hit rock bottom. Im crushed, broken, and the tears fall freely. This world, is cruel and harsh, specially when you're seventeen and very, very alone. I'm too scared, yeah, to write down the gory details.. but I'm just saying... even though I love romance, its cursed, and you should never ever fall head over heels at such a young age. You should also never EVER rely on people who you think will 'always be there for you'... even if its your 'best friend'. Because people change. And in my case? Definitely for the worst. I wish I had someone to talk to. But I dont. CLG. EDIT- Screw this shit. I will not let this get to me. Or I will, but, when everything is wrong, we move along. Also- When you see my face, hope it gives you hell. Wait, am I going through the 'five stages of depression' or something? Is there any such thing? Ugh. I dont know.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


No, my exams aint over yet. But anyway, I watched this AMAZING, HILARIOUS and very DELICIOUS movie today. Kick Ass The name, seriously says it all. This was one of the BEST movies I've seen in a while and it totally helped that the main character was a complete hottie.
Yeah yeah, I know the poster isnt in English- cut me some slack guys, its 4 AM in the morning. This is the best I could come up with. Anyway. So. Here is what its about: Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reas on to do so.[Source- IMDb] So basically Dave is this really adorable geek who loves comics and shit, and decides that he wants to be a super hero, because he believes in doing good and stuff. That was seriously SO CUTE. And totally made me fall in love with him. The best thing about this movie is, that it has a bit of everything, and in some parts, it really seems realistic you know? Action, Drama, ROMANCE...COMEDY. You name it, and its there. Its a typical superhero movie, the good guys, the bad guys, a big fight scene where you're biting your nails off and chewing your cuticles.. but its made in a such totally awesome parody-ish way that you cannot help but love it.[does that make sense?] Plus it has some really awesome characters, like Mindy, the 11/12 year old girl who chops peoples heads off and has a extremely funny and very colorful way with words. Oh- about that, this movie is DEFF not family friendly, it has a LOT of bad language, gore, and some gross scenes like boob-fondling and talk about masturbation etc. Its the kinda movie you see with your friends to have a good laugh, and possibly drool over hot guys. Reviewing this movie is kinda hard actually, since I dont wanna give the funny/bulk of it thats it for the review part of this post! I know- not much of a review' but- Go WATCH IT. I promise you, if you have a sense of humour and enjoy epic things, you will LOVE this Kick Ass movie. Pun intended. Anyway- onto my gushing. {Movie Spoilers!} So. DAVE WAS HOT. OMG. I just realized why I think hes so freaking drool-worthy [and slightly familiar]. HE WAS ALSO IN Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging! As Robbie-the-sex-God! I'm sure book bloggers reading this would know what I'm talking about.. that was also an amazing movie AND book. But more on that later. Here he is:
From the movie.
Now THAT is what I'm talkin' 'bout! Isn't he gorgeous? Apart from that hunk, I also loved Mindy. Shes adorable- but lethal. And even though she is so young, she knows whats right and wrong, loves and respects her Daddy, does all her homework on time and has an admirable sense of responsibility, self-determination, and family pride. Also, she’s got a [hilarious] way with language. Shes like Super Girl- but.. not really... cause- shes HIT GIRL! Okay, there was just one part which grossed me out in the movie, like REALLY grossed me out. I mean, some others did too, but this one took the cake. When Dave and the girl he likes kiss, he grabs her boobs and- squishes them. Okay, I know it was meant to be funny, but seriously? EWWWWW. No guy should ever do that to a girl, it looked totally wrong and GROSS. Typical example of how girls are usually seen as sex objects by boys. Maybe Im over reacting, but Im sorry, It was disgusting. ANYWAY. Another thing about the movie- it has greeeaaat music and I WANT TO GET MY HAIR DYED PURPLE. Just like Hit Girl's wig. I had purple hair once, but you couldn't really tell since it was too dark. [Hair Dye Fail]. Overall, I guess I'll give this movie 5 out of 5 stars for making me laugh like an insane old woman, sigh like a lovesick teenager and gasp like I'm having an asthma attack. So I guess that about wraps it up. Excuse me while I wipe the drool of my floor. I hope you enjoy/ed it as much as I did! Much Love, CLG

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Award! And GIVEAWAY!

Yup, I won another award from Kanwal from Kanwalful Meets World!
I'm passing it on to: 1. The Story Siren 2. Jessi from The Musings of A Wannabe Star 3. Chick Lit Teens 4. Cafe Fashionista 5. Saleeha from This Blog Doesn't Have a Name Because The Author Isn't Creative Enough To Come Up With On. 6. Sara Hassan All of these bloggers are as trendy as you can get. In other news, guess what, I have SIXTEEN followers now! Yeah. I know. I'm famous. Anyway so to celebrate, I decided to, [what else?] HAVE A GIVEAWAY! And this is what I'm giving away:
Yup, you got it folks! One healthy, one year old boy! Well, hes supposed to be my brother, but sometimes his super cuteness [read: the ability to pee in my room again and again] REALLY annoys me. For example, lets take yesterday. So, at the moment, he has a rash like all babies do, (at some point in their teeny years), and so my mom and the massi [maid] had literally let him roam around butt naked in the whole house. Remember when I told you my sisters had taken over my room, and I dont have a room anymore? Well, looks like this little guy decided to mark his territory on- drum roll please- my BED, yesterday. It was a pretty scarred-for-life moment. At one instance I was happily watching Lost on my HP, the other, I heard this light tinkling sound [I kid you not] and he was finely spraying my bed with Pee. Then I got really mad because I had SPECIFICALLY told her [the massi] not to let the baby in without a diaper, cause guess what, he also has an upset tummy. Thank God there was nothing of the number two variety happening, or I would have seriously lost it. Later, when I picked him up and tried to give him a cuddle, he slapped me in the face with his plastic keys as hard as he could. Dude. THAT. FREAKING. HURT. Ibrahim, to his credit, just looked at me and laughed. Babies are evil.
Anyway, if you win him, here are some things you need to know.
  • If Iboo cries and you canNOT make him stop:
Ibrahim listening to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, after throwing a baby tantrum.
Some good music will do the trick.
  • Ibrahim loves Ice cream and Lollipops.
and also, flip flops.
  • Ibrahim enjoys rides in his personal carriage.
  • But above all, Ibrahim excels at being adorable.
Dont you just wanna eat me up? Well, thats all for now folks. If you wanna win this mini hunk, all you gotta do is leave a comment! Good Luck to you all! xoxo CLG