Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School- Uncool.

So Monday was 'the first day of school'.
I was the official 'new girl'.

It was... well. Not horrible. But I'm not jumping for joy either.

I dont have any friends, there are no hot guys, everyone has a boyfriend/girlfriend and all of them hang out in close knit groups.
Oh they're friendly alright, but I feel so stupid just going up to them, sitting in their midst, with a huge I'm-the-loser-new-kid smile on my face and listen to them share inside jokes, make attempts to include me in the conversation and etc.
Its just, I feel like they're being forced to be my friend, or that they're going to think things like 'Just look at her, trying to get all cozy with us.'
Okay, I know that sounds completely silly, but heres the thing.
The college belong to my moms sister- my khala. Her husband is the Principal and founder, and my aunt is the director.
So, on the first day, a few of the girls were called to the office and told to be 'nice' to me and make me 'feel comfortable' and were promised that I wouldn't say anything 'against' them to the Principal/Director.

Now they're basically being forced to be nice to me.
How embarrassing.

Its only been two days so far, and I'm as uncool and lame as I'll ever be.
How pathetic.

I found a sexy book shop here though. Well, okay, I knew about it before, but it was lame back then- but now?
Such super sexy books FOR LESS THAN A DOLLAR.
I bought three books yesterday, I was drooling for more, but I'm kinda broke at the moment so yeah.
The books I bought:

Its about a girl who googles herself and finds a website dedicated her.
[Click on the book to get a better summary/blurb].

Just as the tittle suggests- its about 21 different Proms!
The thing that caught my eye was the star studded author list.. David LevithanE. Lockhart, Aimee Friedman  John Green, Melissa de la Cruz and Cecily von Ziegessar, just to name a few!
And Prom=Romance=Loveloveloooooove.



Its about a new girl (LIKE MEEE) who moves into a creepy town and finds out shes a witch! As well as other witches.
I love witchy stories- the paranormal genre rocks, so this seemed 

I read the first one. Cyber Cinderella was was really nice. The plot was awesome, but it slightly fell flat for me maybe because it was a bit too drawn out and I wanted her stalker to be a bit more impressive! 
But it was a light, quick read. Perfect for when you're bored and have nothing else to do!




Friday, August 27, 2010

Those Crazy Pakistanis.

Only in Pakistan.

I'm sure everyone has heard or read about the floods, the joota and the sialkot horror.

All I can say is.
We suck.
And should be ashamed of ourselves.

To help, what YOU (and I) can do is to DONATE generously please, and just pray. Also, look at this helpful post right here.
Pray that people stop being so stupid and make the little things count, and see how the bigger, better ones, fall right into place.

Looking at the horrifying video clips [YouTube] of the whole Sialkot thing, the only emotion I felt was anger. At the stupid people standing around the boys, mercilessly and literally  beating them to death. HOW THE FUCK COULD THEY DO THIS? We are NOT fucking savages!
The stupid police officers just enjoying the party and the kids, joining in the fun, taking a few swings with the sticks themselves. ALL IN THE HOLY MONTH OF RAMAZAN!
This is just seriously, unbelievable.

Another all time low for our gorgeous nation.
The frustrating thing is, we're not all like that! And that is something a majority of the world simply does not, [and some of them]can not, grasp.

I had a chat on Omegle with some boy, a few months ago.
After the asl part of the conversation, [he was from the USA] he asked me 'Do you hate me?'
And I was stumped and thoroughly confused.
'What...?' was my reply, but as I hit enter, I realized what he was talking about. And so I spent the next half an hour explaining to him that no, I do not support the Taliban, I definitely don't believe in terrorism/suicide bombings/ 9.11 etc, I could never even think of killing a human being and how, I certainly donot reside, in a mud house.

That was just where I was a born okay! We moved into a grass-and-wood hut as soon as I was ten.
So there.

In your face.



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Quickie On Awesome Books

I read 'The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things' and its is deff a 'warm, fuzzy feeling' read.
I promise I'll give a nice review later.


Oh My God.
I cannot wait.




Sunday, August 22, 2010

Packing, Sehri, Sadness, Opal Mehta.

I'm packing my stuff. Leaving for Lahore on Monday.

I think I have too much stuff.

Its almost sehri time! Things that I usually eat for sehri:

1.Left over iftari.
2. Apples and Peanut Butter.

I read:

 And I liked it.
Even though the author was almost killed for plagiarism and shit.


I will write a totally fluffy chick-lit book one day and YOU WILL READ IT.
And preferably like it.




Friday, August 20, 2010

NEW POST. Blogger Sucks.

Click Here.




Take Me There in 3 Days?

On the 16th Sal, and the rest threw me an awesome going away partaay at this really nice restaurant.

It was funfunfun, except for the part where they charged us for two extra dishes and then no one had enough money, and we all freaked out, and I had to pitch in AND ask my driver for money to cover the bill and we had to fight with the manager and make him admit that he had made a mistake.

But apart from that, it was fun.

They even celebrated my 18th that day, since I wont be here on the 3rd of September. [Sadness].

The gooey, chocolaty awesomeness 'going-away' & '18th Birthday' cake.

Sometimes, I feel so lucky that I have such awesome friends.
Remember my bff, the one who lives in Houston? They were actually going to set up a webcam-thing so he could 'attend', but the girl who was supposed to bring the laptop forgot. So that sucks. But its the thought that counts! And I love Sal for that. She was the main organizer, [though everyone helped] and I LOVE her for trying to make everything so perfect.

She almost succeeded in making it a 'surprise', but you know how cool I am- I totally knew what was going on so that was a huge FAIL.
It was her fault actually. We were supposed to be going for iftari, 'just us girls' and so I was wearing nice enough clothes, but not something uber cool, and she kept bugging me to pull on my skinnies and this sexy tee that I bought last week.

And I was like 'WHAT? OMG, DONT TELL ME, IS THE 'SURPRISE GOING-AWAY-PARTY TODAY?' And instead of faking it- she totally started laughing.

I mean seriously Sal, seriously?

Haha, and then she blames me for being 'too curious'.

Anyway, before that, (Saturday) I was actually, totally convinced that the party was on Tuesday and I was all 'SEE IM SUCH A GENIUS I FIGURED IT OUT, YOU GUYS ARE SO LAAAAAME' , and was saying things like 'DONT WORRY, I'LL ACT SURPRISED, WE'LL PRACTICE MY SURPRISED FACES TOMORROW' and all the while they were laughing at me for being so stupid.

Ah. The jokes on you suckerzzzz.

But its actually on me since I really wanted to be surprised for real this time. ME AND MY BIG MOUTH. I totally could have been you know. I had NO idea about Monday. My bets were placed on Tuesday.

A 'lovely going away gift'. Yeah, the guy who gave it to me thinks hes hilarious.

Alls well, that ends well though.


Packing up my books and things.

Three more days to a completely new life.
New house, friends, school- EVERYTHING.
Its scary in a way because in this last week mostly, I've realized that I seriously have some of the best friends I will EVER have. And I really dont want to lose them- at the peak of our friendship.
 I mean at the beginning of the year, I was so lost. But now I've found it again. And I dont want to lose it so soon!

Life is so unfair.

I also really want to read this book.

Dylan has a bad-boy past and a criminal record. He knows that rich, beautiful Jess is way too good for him—but she has always been the one person who sees through his tough exterior and straight to his heart, and he has been hopelessly in love with her from the first time they met. He would change his life for a chance with her.
But trouble follows Dylan wherever he goes, and a deadly mistake soon forces him to hit the road and leave his dreams behind. He’s on the run and in search of answers—answers to questions he wishes he’d never asked.

Here is an awesome review of the book, which makes me drool even more.

I saw Grown Ups last night. It was funny, yeah I LOL'd, but it didnt make me LMFAO. So it gets 2.8/5stars.
I guess I like movies that leave an impression on you. Either a happy fuzzy feeling or an 'OMG THAT WAS UNREAL' one.
Grown Ups is good if you're bored. But thats it. It doesn't have the feel-good-comedy after taste that you need when you watch a movie like this.

Sad or not, I cant wait for my other going-away presents.



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do YOU like your nuts?

I like them mostly in peanut butter form.

The best snack ever?

Chunky Peanut butter...


Now I know to some of the less adventurous folks, that might see a bit odd- but trust me-


Those are lyrics to this song I heard 24/7 when I was like five.
In the video, the little kid was first turning his nose up at spinach, but when prompted to 'try it'- whaddaya know, HE LIKED IT.
I liked it too.


I love chunky p.b because its just more yummy- a lil crunch with the sweet and salty smoothness, and the slight sourness of the apples makes it the most flavorful and almost-healthy snack EVAA.

In other news, THE A LEVEL RESULT IS TOMORROW, SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS, Please, please, please pray for me.
I need to get those A's (or- grudgingly B's) if I want to get into Med school.


Chunky? Smooth? On bread? With jelly?

How do you like your p.butter?



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Boys suck.

Because they do.

Accept it male followers.
You're only awesome cause you follow my blog.

Otherwise, all of you suck.




I had the MOST AWESOME day with the girlfriends.
I love my girlies.

How hot is that?

Very hot.

Lots love.


Ps- I'm just kidding. You guys rock.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

YouTube Whore?

Okay, no, that would require me to actually post some videos.
And yeah, thats a 'Shane Dawson' expression. 

But ever since I've gotten the pox, I have had a LOT of free time on my hands, [and by 'free time' yes- I do mean  reading, facebooking, blogging & stuffing my face] and so I've seen a lot of videos recently.

Gotta love YouTube.

Here are some of my latest discoveries.

My friend Sal got me hooked to this cute British you-tuber, Alex Day.

Is this not adorable?

And this is one of my most favorite cheesy love songs of ALL TIME.  At one point a few months ago, I could not stop marveling over how the lyrics fit in perfectly with how I was feeling.

Theres nothing in my heart but you.

Leave a comment letting me know what you think!


Friday, August 6, 2010

I won! Wanna try your luck?

I went to my best friend's house today. It was fun. I cant believe I'm not going to see her again in five whole years Or so she says.
Its mainly due to the fact that she lives in Canada, and I'm moving to Lahore.
God. Life is so unfair at times.

But guess what really really REALLY sexy thing happened yesterday?

I know. Whatttay luck. [Except I hate saying 'whattay'].
Anyway I won these two books,

from this awesome blog.

Heres what they're all about:

From goodreads:

Madison MacDonald
Putnam, CT

Status: Single?

About Me:
Everything in my life was working out. I had my three best friends, a brand-new boyfriend, and the lead in the school play. Aside from that history paper I hadn't started, things felt perfect.

Then I returned from spring break to find my Friendverse profile hacked. Someone clearly out to ruin me had spilled the most damaging secrets - AND posted the worst photos of me ever taken - online.

Now my boyfriend and I are broken up, half the school hates me, and I'm in deep trouble.

Get my boyfriend back, figure out who could have done this, and clear my name!

Also, pass history. :p
Top 8 is book 1, and Whats Your St@tus is the sequel!
I was SO excited when I read that I was the winner! I screamed a lot, did the usual jump-and-dance jig. It was amazing. Before clicking on the 'Winner of Whats Your St@tus' post, I'd even said a little prayer, and- GOD LISTENED TO MEEE.

Gotta love God.

I'll be 18 on the 3rd of September, and I cant wait!
This time, for the first time ever, I'll be celebrating with family, and not friends.
I hope that turns out to be a good thing, rather than a downer.
Its my 18th for heaven's sake!

I think my 16th birthday was the BEST birthday ever.
It was surprise, hosted by my best friends. It was perfect. We went to my fav cafe, where I was surprised with a huge strawberry cream cake- mmmm. (Real strawberries, fresh cream, none of that icky- plastic-y icing business.) They'd even made sure my the then crush was present too! 
After a yummy lunch, we went to the beach and had a great time there.

Ah. Good times.

And now, here are some BOOK GIVEAWAY links, so you guys can enter to win too!
Click here, here & here.

All three of these are for the same giveaway hosted on three different book blogs- so you have extra EXTRA winning chances!

Fingers crossed & InshAllah! 




Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polyvore it!

Another one of my sets.
Looks familiar?
Yeah, its the background.
Just thought maybe you'd wanna take a closer look at it?

Hate? Like? Love? Leave a comment!



Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Do you like it?
It depicts things I love, including some of my most favorite books!
I have that red cell phone.

Comments? Thoughts?

And oh, I tweaked it and shit, and now I dont have those old cramped columns, I can post:

pictures, without everything messing up! Yay!

I mentioned this before, and heres a reminder- I HAVE A FORMSPRING NOW PEOPLE.
Ask questions :)
(Box on the right side of this blog).

Comment letting me know if you like this makeover!



Monday, August 2, 2010

Funny, Dirty- but with a message :)

Do you like Shane Dawson?
If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm sorry to say, you need to get out from under that rock, and watch this.

Like it? Love it? Lemme know. Leave a comment :)