Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Almost-Sleepover Help.

I have just realized, after staring at the screen for more than 20 minutes, Im crap at writing.


I also, exaggerate a lot, and I suck at spelling because if the spell check hadn't corrected me, this is what I was writing- 'exaguratte alot and I suck at speeling'.


I am currently trying to find nice movies to watch at the almost-sleepover I'm planning for school.
The deets are- 5-9pm, movie, games, snacks, possibly dinner.
Its supposed to be all girls, with their ages from 14 to 19. So, finding a movie which everyone is going to enjoy is hard, since this is Pakistan and kissing is strictly PG17.

So I'm thinking, either Love Wrecked:

or Knight and Day:

or 10 Things I Hate About You?




Friday, September 17, 2010


So its a temporary tattoo.
And technically its called Mehndi.

But same difference right?

Mehndi is something that girls usually paint their hands with every Eid.
Eid [pronounced: ee-d] is a three-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.
Its a herbal paste thing and its very pretty.

What I did to my hand this Eid.
This time, I didnt go get my hands painted. I dont really like most of the usual mehndi designs out there. I hate the bails and the big fat flower patterns. What I crave is intricacy, and above all, something different.

the usual mehndi designs out there

So I turned to the internet for help and thought of painting my hands myself. I got my designs from here and here.
Pretty, no?

I loved this. Its so different from the usual stuff, and so pretty.

 Eid was fun. 
Its been ages since I've had a proper Eid with the whole extended family and it felt really good. Everyone was oohing and aahing at how 'tall' I've grown and how they still remember me as that little girl they used to play with. I know I should be all 'aah, annoying aunties/uncles! Of course I've grown. Thats how it usually happens.' but to tell you the truth, it felt good. I felt loved.

What I did to my cousin's hand, this Eid.

And then there was the Eidi.
Aaah. Eidi.
I got a lot of it, this Eid, and GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT WITH SOME OF IT?

I cannot wait to read it. Stupid Bio test.
Gotta hate studying :l.
Gotta love Meg Cabot.

And oh, a fun fact for you- its an adult book, and since I just turned eighteen two weeks ago, guess what that makes me folks? 

Yep. And ADULT!

This fact makes me happy.

By leaving a comment telling me how your eid was!



Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dont Drink and Drive... CAUSE YOU'RE 18.

We celebrated my 18th the day before yesterday!

It was so much fun.

Sal sent me a huge box of pressies, which included HP stuff, books, random jewelery and lots of letters. They also made a huge card for me, signed by all my Karachi friends.

It totally made my day.

At night, my khala (mom's sister) came over with a After Eight, sexy mint choc cake, which she'd made herself.
It was heaven.

She also brought a non-minty cake which was also really yummy.

Nanijan (my granny) made Chicken Ala Keiv which was sooooo delicious.
Hot, deep fried chicken- stuffed with herbs, cheese and butter. Mmmmmmm.

And they (the family) gave me money and chocolates and jewelery.

All in all, it was waaay better than my 17th, which was a huge FAIL.

So I'm grateful to God for that. <3

I cant believe I'm finally an adult though.
Its a scary thought. So much responsibility! I feel like I'm not ready.
But thankfully, I have awesome girlfriends and a pretty good family to help me get through!

I would like to learn how to drive though.



Ps- Thanks to Mobeen for the e-card!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I like to Draw.

I do.
I love to draw, except I dont draw much, I generally just doodle.

             Drawn on my iPod.
When I do doodle, I like to draw girls.
NOT 'dolls', but girls.

Doodled in Paint

Mostly I like to draw pretty, curvy girls.
Its not that I'm a pervert, its just- thats how I draw 'em!

Doodled in Paint.    

Some of my doodles turn out pretty sweet- even if I say so myself.. others.. not so much.
But.. who cares really?

I just- like to draw.

 Oh, and you can now contact me on my new email address- chicklitgirl@live.com!