Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer is ALMOST HERE.

Hullo lovelies!

So. On my last post, which was a sad post, I had like 9 comments, which is the most I've gotten so far... WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU? Do I have to write about how I'm slitting my wrists to get a response from you guys?
Sadistic MUCH?
Dont worry though.
Theres plenty more where that came from!
Because this is my life we're talking about.

So, I have my Physics exam tomorrow, and then on the 10th I have Chem and then?
Well, until August that is.

I have soo many plans for the summer!

First of all, I'm going to be interning at a really lame magazine. BUT, its an internship- at a MAGAZINE. So thats all that matters to me. Maybe I can make it a bit cooler than it is atm! Haha. Im excited about that, because yeah, I love to write and read- duh.
Secondly I'm going to read as MANY books as I can lay my hands on.

Want a summer reading list?
Heres mine:

Well there you have it! Sexy? I KNOW.
I cant wait.
I may add more as time goes on, but these are the ones I HAVE at the moment.
Theres one book I REALLY really want to read, but I dont have it [yet] :(
Its this one:

My stupid so-called best friend was supposed to get it for me, from the states, but hes too pathetic, so now I dont know when I'll get it.


I also want to watch a ton of movies, I'll make a list later- and I want to just hang out with my other girl friends and for once relax without worrying about the stupid assignment I haven't yet completed or the huge exam I have to study for.

What are your summer plans?

Lemme know by commenting- come on, dont you wanna prove you're not a sadist?
Haha, but seriously guys? Thanks for all the love. It made me feel waaayyyy better.

I should study now.



  1. So I've read Wintergirls, 13 little blue envelopes and Pretty Little Liars. All amazing books, Good luck on your exams!

  2. Good luck for phhysiccsss. Tess of d'Uberbvilles is on my list. It'll be a miracle if I finish it by the end of summer.

  3. Aye,cute list,I got few them in mine too,and have already finished,Princess and the hound, Pretty little lier and em now on "Watch for me by moonlight.

  4. Sad but true: lovely bones sucked... but Dear John was way better than I expected and the movie doesn't do justice. lol

  5. @Island Gal- Really? I kinda read some of it, it seemed pretty okay to me. Not that bad.
    @Kanwal- Smash Magazine. I havnt started it yet, but I will in a week or so.
    @Tansy- Thanks. Though I know Chem will suck.

  6. I love chemistry:) call me a geek but i can't wait for senior chem. I'm stoked!


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