Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wallbanger and Froyo

Wallbanger was really good. It was also the LAST BOOK I'V READ IN A WHILE.
*shoots self*
This is ridiculous. I'm a freakin' book blogger, for crying out loud. But its a sad, sad truth. I've been so busy lately. Art school is crazy, and it keeps me busy EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. From 7am to 6pm.
So more about Wallbanger.
In the beginning  it seemed dull and boring. The dialogues also felt outdated, like some really old person was tryna write about teens, and failing. But a few chapters later? The witty banter- oh my GOD. It was so delicious and refreshing.
That was the highlight of the book, the sparks between the two main characters.
There were other things too, like the fact that there were underlying themes of feminism, and all that food description. Yum.
I'd give Wallbanger a solid 3/5, and 4/5 for the witty shizz.

I don't think I've mentioned this here yet but... I'm doing a tiny thing via facebook.
I have my own teeny tiny business, called Prisms and Paintbrushes where I sell my art. So far, I've got an album of whimsical greeting cards, so do check it out.
Or like.......... don't.

Anyway so today I was reeeaallly in the mood for some froyo, but I looked and smelled like a sad hobo.
I didn't really want to go out like that in public ya know, I mean, pfft, I own a business now, shizz. But I also did not want to change.
So this is what I did.

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This song was playing in the car, thanks to my S3, and come on, how can you NOT want to bust a few moves while listening to the second half?
I totally busted said moves- and then had to stop because my mom threatened to pull over and kick me out.
Probbbbbably had something to do with the people staring from passing cars.
But seriously. So unfair.

On the way home, we had some vintage shizz playing, and I was singing along because that's something I do *shrug*, and my mom shook her head, saying something about how I would drive my husband up the wall.

You have no idea.