Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One More Reason Why Parents Should NOT be Allowed on Facebook.

Check THIS out.

I’ve had my MySpace account hijacked by some spammer who proceeded to flood my friends’ inboxes with soft corn porn ads. Evil! But you know who I would never expect to hijack one of my accounts—my mom. That is not the case for 17-year-old Lane Hill. He had been living with his grandparents for five years after his mom, Denise New, went through a rough divorce. On a visit to her house, they got in an argument. And he had accidentally forgotten to log out of his Facebook account. She went in, changed his password, and began posting status messages. “The only mistake I ever made was having a kid,” read one post. “Check this out _ I went to my mom’s and deliberately started an argument and called the police on her. She almost went to jail. How cool is that? Ha, ha, ha,” said another, about an incident where Hill had told police officers that his mom had hit him. She also posted lots of curse words. In a trial yesterday, both Lane and his mom testified. And in the end, the judge found Denise guilty of misdemeanor harassment. She was fined $435 and now has to take anger-management and parenting classes before she can have contact with her son again. And most people are just worried about their mom friending them.
From The Frisky.

Parents on facebook?
Thats always gonna get messy no matter what you do.




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