Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cory is Dead, and Pizza is Good.

I haven't been here in like..... ages. God.
Such a failed blog this has become, it's sad. 
So I'm sitting in bed right now, stealing the neighbor's wifi because my uncle took ours. (long story).
My butt hurts because I've been sitting in this position for an hour now. If I move, the wifi disconnects and my Glee episode stops streaming.
So fml.
Which reminds me...
Cory died. Cory. Died.
He is DEAD.
I cried. I really did. And my way of mourning is to re watch everything. He was so freaking adorable. Sigh. I can't even begin to understand what Lea must be feeling. It's so fucking tragic and sad. He really made me happy you know? Glee made me happy. Hopefully still will. Cory was a big part of it. I can never forget one of the most romantic lines in television history: STAY AWAY FROM MY FUTURE WIFE!
Oh Cory. You're freakin dead.

I've thankfully started reading again, these hols. I read one of the BEST series ever. The Ashes trilogy, by Ilsa J Bick. SO GOOD you guys! Very creepy and gross with a good dose romance. Loved them.

Summer is going well, bordering on mediocre, leaning towards goodish.

The humongous pies from NYP certainly help things a lot.

More later,