Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just a Quickie : Giveaway news & a sexy Book Trailer.

I entered this  giveaway, and its pretty cool so maybe you'd like to check it out?

Oh, my friend in the states got one of the prizes I won, entering such giveaways!
Haha, funny story really, he doesnt read much, and especially not chick lit.
So anyway, he gets this package which says 'The Naughty List' on it and hes like, WTF. Haha, he actually thought it was some kinda porn scam, The poor guy. Thank god he remembered in time that I had won those books... or else he was going to throw it out, and report it.

Anyway here is the giveaway!

Win an ARC of Beautiful Darkness, the sequel to Beautiful Creatures here!

I loooved Beautiful Creatures. It was about the sweetest Paranormal romance ever.  If you dont have it in your TBR pile, or if you havnt read it, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Ooh, so I was browsing around and found this awesome book trailer. I have GOT to read this. Sounds super sexy.




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