Saturday, July 17, 2010


So, the folks just dropped another one of their bombs.
We're apparently moving to Lahore.

At first, my thoughts were all around the 'WHAT THE FUCK' phrase. I mean, THERE IS NO PROPER BOOK STORE IN LAHORE.
I mean yeah, they have plenty of old book shops, but no proper Book Store with Brand New, very Recent and the Latest books.

Also, we JUST moved in Febuary from this old, run down place where all three of us (my sisters and I) shared one dingy room, to this brand spanking new, sexy house where I have my own room with a red walls and zebra print blinds.
I mean, give all of that up to move yet again into some rented old house, where we wont even be allowed to change the freakin' wall color? And what if the houses are too expensive and I have share again? *Shudders*.

And my friends? I was just starting to make good ones, and get all settled in my A level college, but now, I'll have to start all over.
From scratch. And its common knowledge that I SUCK at making friends and being friendly. I mean, for the first few months you could always, always find me sitting in the Library, reading one of my books, during my free periods. Its not like I'm a complete loser, I had friends, but our schedules were different. So it was sad and very pathetic.

But anyway.

It could be that my Dad changes his mind at the last second. Hes like that.
But his indecisiveness really stinks. It puts all of us in a limbo. And limbos are not cool.

Its not that I dont want to move. It wouldn't be that bad, aside from the no-friends, no-bookshops thing. I mean, my aunt has a college there, she runs it, and I would easily get admission there. And the whole of my Mom's side of the family, and most of my Dad's side lives there- so thats cool. I love my Mom's-side-of-the-family. They're all awesome people and its always fun meeting them. My Dad's side on the other hand- not so much.

Anyway, the point is. I hope my Dad makes a decision soon and stops being so annoying.

Also, I wish this place was real, minus the candy hookers, of course. 

More Later,

Much Love,



  1. Oh, that epically sucks! I'm sorry to hear that! :( I remember when I moved (all four times), and I never liked any of the moves. It's so hard making friends again, but thank God it's SO SO SO easy nowadays to keep in touch with everyone through things like Skype and facebook, right? Best of luck! <3

  2. You're right Ashley, its easy to keep in touch these days, but keeping in touch sucks. I wish I was taking my friends WITH me. Now THAT would be awesome. Haha. :(

  3. Aw that's messed up! But I'm sure you'll make new friends in no time; you seem really friendly! And you could frequent your hometown now and then right? Plus everyone needs a change now or then, who knows everything turns out to be better than ever before! ;)


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