Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just to Make things Clear- Taleem Sab Kay Liye! [Education, For All]

Just to make things clear: I don't have a boyfriend. Never did.
My emo posts are twisted and confused and are just a way to get that pent up, frustrated confusion out. Writing is one of the best forms of expression, and I like to take advantage of that.
Dont get me wrong.
I love all the detailed and concerned comments I get on those posts, [heck, I adore any comment you guys leave me] it shows you guys actually do read my silly little blog, and care enough to write that huge ass reply- but I feel like I give out the wrong message- like I'm involved in this passionate, intimate love affair and have been betrayed by the love of my life, and now I'm a broken vessel.  Haha, okay, so maybe when reading those posts, it does sound a bit like that. But seriously. Its not.
When writing my emo posts, I'm hit by this huge wave of emotion, this need to get all abstract and dramatic and write whatever floats into my head at that very moment. If there is a post titled 'Emo Post', I suggest you don't take it seriously. Especially if it makes you think I'm dying over some guy.
I do NOT want to be that girl.
 And, I dont think I am. [For the most of it.]

I'm just saying. Its not what you think it is. Its just weird.


Its been a bajjilion days and I'm still stuck at 29. I got 30 a few days ago but then, someone un-followed me.

I know. What a loser.
Now he/she will be totally missing out on the awesomeness that is, this blog.

But no. I dont get it, why would someone go through all the trouble of clicking unsubscribe?
Oh well.

But I'd still like to know why you did it.

In other news, I'm reading this book, by Elizabeth Scott.

From GoodReads:

You know, I always thought I told you everything, but there are some things I should have said but never did. I should have told you about the time I lost your new sunglasses. I know you really liked them. I should have apologized the time I ruined your brand-new skirt, the one with the beading. I should have apologized for a lot of stuff.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.

It's been seventy five days. Amy's sick of her parents suddenly taking an interest in her, and she's really sick of people asking her about Julia. Julia's gone, and Amy doesn't want to talk about it. No one knew Julia like she did. No one gets what life is without her.

No one understands what it's like to know that it's all your fault.

Amy's shrink thinks she should keep a journal but instead, Amy starts writing letters to Julia. As she writes letter after letter, she begins to realize that the past holds its own secrets--and that the present deserves a chance.

 I'm more than halfway through it and so far, its pretty good. I like Amy. And even though something so horrible has never happened to me [thankGod], I can somehow relate, and get what and how she feels.
Maybe its because both of my best friends moved away to completely different countries. I mean, I was still in touch with them, but not really, you know?

My internship at Taleem Sab Kay Liye [Education for All] is also about to end. One more week to go!
I hate getting up early in the morning, but aside from that, I guess I'll miss it. 
If you want just a gist- We're teaching approx 300, poor and under privileged kids at this government school, and so far, its amazing!
The kids love coming to school every single day, weather its for math classes or for fun events like the recent Sports Day!
The whole school is run by us, the dedicated team of Taleem Sab Kay Liye, and each and every one of us is proud to be a part of such an amazing entity- I definitely am!

Its awesome to finally reach out and do something personally. To try and help make our country a better place, instead of just grumbling about how the government is messing everything up. 
One little boy asked me, 'Teacher, teacher, aap log aglay saal aingay?' ['Miss, will you guys be visiting our school next year?'] and I replied with an 'Of course!' and you should have seen the way his adorable little face lit up. 'Miss hum bhi aingay!' (Miss, we'll come too!) he said jubilantly.

Little things like that make me so happy, I feel as if I'm making a difference, be it a slight one, in their lives. I was talking to a bunch of other kids, and they were telling me how before we came, school was  joke. The teachers used to either gossip amongst themselves, or text on their cell phones. It didnt really matter who passed or failed tests- you were promoted anyways. One boy told me how they were expected to study science- the teacher wrote down questions on the board and that was it. They had to search for the answers from their text books- which were in Urdu, and then if they wrote down the answer, or just left it at that, that was up to the students.

Government schools here are the worst kind of schools you can put a child into. They are always short staffed, and even then, 9 out of 10 times, the staff is horrible. There is no electricity most of the time, and there is corporal punishment to 'straighten out' the discipline problems.

I think we have definitely made a change.
We taught them how gutka/chaliya is bad for you, and how you can get horrible diseases like cancer by eating them. We had fun and informative discussions with them about ethics and things of that sort. We taught them basic english skills and guess what?
We're giving five of our brightest stars scholarships to private schools! One of the kids is so smart, he has actually done his O levels! We got him into Nixor (The A-Level college I go to.)! And he was so happy about that. It was lovely.

I can write a bajjillion things about how AWESOMETASTIC our NGO is, but as they say, a picture is word a thousand words.
Here is what its all about! You can find pictures and other information on the group. 
Is it not wonderful? 

Remember, if you like what you see, we're definitely open for donations!
Anyone can donate, and if you're interested, contact me through this blog! 

We're having a Talent Show for the kids tomorrow. There are going to be dancing, singing and other miscellaneous performances- and boy are those children talented! 

I'll be sure to post the videos and pictures on the facebook group so if you have nothing better to do, do check 'em out!

I gotta go now.

The Book Bloggers 'Got Books' event is going on at the moment. 108 book blogs participating in 108 book giveaways!
Trying to enter as many as I can- :D

Lots of Love,


  1. You now have me convinced I need to run out and grab that book! That so sounds like something I would love! :)

  2. Hey! Stalker-ish Anonymous here!

    I love what your NGO is doing. And the part about the kid who's gotten into Nixor is just amazing! Well done :)

    Oh, and I'm a follower now

  3. @S.I.F- You should! It was a very good book.

    @iloveapple- I know, I love Nixor, and especially TSKL (the NGO).


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