Thursday, April 8, 2010

And here I am...

Sitting, pigging out on Pineapple Surprise. Okay, I realize that sounds like something gross you would get at the cafeteria, but believe me, its deelish. So here I am, pigging out on desert, writing a blog post, PROCRASTINATING. That sounds like a dirty word. But yes. I'm doing it, when I have a huge English exam tomorrow. So lets see. What are the oh so cool things I'm doing here. Well, for starters, I'm listning to 'The Last Song' by Dave Days. [] He is so adorable. Hahah. I was also reading one of my friends' blogs. Lets call her... S? I don't really want to take real names here, for one, its like- WHAT IF SHE/SOMEONE I KNOW READS THIS? I don't even know if I'm going ask my friends to 'check my blog out'. Maybe someday. So anyway, S, writes really well. Or so the english teacher seems to think. I don't really have an opinion on that yet. Sometimes it seems shes trying to hard, other times, its very natural. Shes a nice girl, this S, but she can be really bitchy sometimes, if you don't watch your step. That kind of makes me hate her sometimes, but as they[I] say, its not all about the sugar is it? But I wish it WAS all about the sugar. Okay, throw in a few fire breathing dragons here and there, but BALANCE IT OFF WITH FAIRIES GODDAMMIT! Am I boring you? It doesn't matter, unless I TOLD you to check out this blog- then, I'm really sorry. This is how I write usually. So, stfu. In other news, I seriously want to visit the Harry Potter theme park. Harry Potter=Love, is what I always say. I was watching Ellen the other day, where she takes these two adorable boys there, and wow. It was BRILLIANT. I have also been obsessively reading out it a lot, from various articles, and stuff, and it sounds/looks positively delightful. But alas, I dont really think I'll be going there anytime soon. That, just bites. Hard. On the butt. Its really funny how people make fun of Lady Gaga and Justin Baby- oh excuse me- Beiber. All jokes aside, when I first heard Justin Beiber, I thought he was doing the song with some girl. So I kept waiting for the man-voice to come. Waiting ... waiting... waiting... *song over*. I'm still waiting. And I was seriously amused watching his 'Baby' video, frankly, he looks like a thirteen year old, acting ghetto. Or maybe a small man who hasnt hit puberty yet. What if he DOES hit puberty? What if his voice goes really bad? End of his music career? He'll probably sell a lot of tween porn though, since hes so 'cute' and shit. My own sister thinks hes hot. One of the reasons why I'm convinced shes adopted. LETS NOT FORGET I HAVE AN EXAM TOMORROW! Or... lets just. So, my best friend has decided that she MAYBE wants to wear a hijab. She asked what I thought about it, and frankly, I don't know what to think really. I mean, isnt that a huge step? I'll have to remove ALL our facebook pictures for one! Okay, I know this makes me seem selfish, but no, seriously, I mean has she even thought about it? Wearing a hijab is like, serious. You either do it properly, or you don't do it at all. For example, I dont want her to be one of those girls who wear a head scarf and thats it. Oh, we're all nice and muslim now! One way ticket to Heaven! Yes, I know, Im the last person to say anything, since I dont wear one myself, but see, if you chose to cover your head, shouldnt you cover your chest first? The girls who wear tight t-shirts, showing [off, in some cases] their full figure, while covering their heads- seriously ladies? Is this a joke? Is it still April fools? A head scarf means, you'll have to PROPERLY embrace your religion, which is scary, for me, truthfully. Pray 5 times a day and everything. I used to get tutored in math after school from this one girl when I was younger. She went to do Umra in the summers, and when she came back, Surprise! She was wearing a head scarf, and talking baout how pious she felt and shit. It was the same with her. I saw her dressing often, [okay, yeah I might sound really backward and shit BUT-] in T shirts and jeans, her butt and boobs, not hidden, but her hair- fully covered under gauzy scarves. A bit too pious, I thought. I dont get, whats the use of covering your hair, if you're not going to cover the main parts? I know, I know. I dont wear a scarf, I dont read the Quran, what the fuck do I know right? But I've started reading it- IN ENGLISH this time. And yeah, I'm on the path. As for the hijab-rant, well, its a free country folks! I should stop now. More later. Love, CLG. PS- If you're reading this, leave a comment- What do you think about the hijab thing? PPS- Keep it light.

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