Monday, April 12, 2010

Good books=eye candy.

Okay, first things first. My favorite blogger/Book Reviewer is having another wonderful book giveaway! Shes giving away the whole Airhead series to one lucky reader. Be sure to check it out here: I hope I win, I REALLY really want to read the last book in the series. The first two were brilliant- just like everything Meg writes. I'm re-reading the Mediator series again, I LOVE them. Meg has the most crush worthy characters, plus all the heroines are awesome, they're strong and confident [mostly without realizing it] and I can totally relate to so many of them. Plus Meg herself is such a fun person. Not that I met her in person- puh-leez, I'm not that lucky yet- but I do read her blog [] and its always full of cool things about her life and other random shit. Oh did I mention I GOT A HAIRCUT? Okay, its not that exciting since my mom didn't let me be daring BUT IN YOUR FACE MOTHER, MY HAIR WAS PURPLE ONCE. Yeah, that was way back in December. I went to Lahore for my Winter break and asked my aunt who owns a beauty salon there, to just do it. Sometimes change is good, other times it just sucks. This was the former. I loooved my purple hair, but then it turned red. I dont love them that much anymore. It looks like I dumped a bowl of Henna on my head, which is seriously not the look I want to go for. BUT, back to books. I also read this amazing book, Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles a few days ago. There really WAS perfect chemistry between the main characters, Alex and Brittany. They were on fire. So its like this. Alex is a 'bad boy', Brit is the 'good girl'. Its hate at first sight but then (obviously) they fall in love. Pretty cliched, I know. But its not all that simple. Alex is involved in a VERY dangerous gang, plus he's getting closer to figuring out who father's murderer really was. Just trust me on this one, people who love romance, you'll LOVE this book, especially the ending, its all wrapped up, kind of cheesy, but great all the same. Its not all about the romance though, not a fluffy read, its very intense at times and some parts even made me LOL! Oh and the clincher? I read it in five hours, and I'm proud of it :D More rantings later, Love, Chick Lit Girl

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