Monday, March 22, 2010

Why do I do this to myself?

Why am I so pathetic?
My A levels are just around the corner. Have I started studying? No. Not even close.

I'm a hopeless romantic. To me that means I'm like Tina Hakim Baba from the Princess Diaries. See, I love romance. I love to read about it, I love soppy, happy endings, I still believe that there is a prince out there [just for me], and I still think that Disney movies are magic. That is one of the reasons why I love Meg Cabot. Like she says, whats a book without romance? All her books are wonderful. A strong female protagonist, a hot guy, getting in and out of a fix, and a happy [sometimes sexy] ending. Aah. What more could you want?

To cut a long story short.

I agree wholeheartedly.

At the starting of this year, I was very, very, very, VERY, lonely. As I mentioned earlier, my best friends- BOTH of them- moved abroad. So even though I have a few old friends here, I miss my old life a little too much.I'm thankfully making new friends, but to get to the point where you can comfortably talk about how you haven't taken a shower in a week, and the other person doesn't get grossed out- well.. getting there is a slow and painful process.
It doesn't help that my ex-bff is acting swell with life, while I'm still hurting on how she single handedlly back stabbed me.
Life sucks. I wish I could die.
I suck.

Until next time, when I can explain my self better.


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  1. Hello!
    I like your blog! I am fairly new at the whole blogging thing and you kind of have to just find your niche.
    I love chick lit, Twilight, Jane Austen anything really - as long as there's a good ending and lots of romance I am there.
    You should join A great site! You can rate books and get lots of other recommendations for other books that you might like. I have been loving it!
    Take Care!


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