Friday, April 30, 2010

(N)- Thumbs Down

Told you, it never lasts. I didn't win the stupid giveaway, and my siblings are little bitches. Okay. So they are my 'biological sisters', my own 'flesh and blood'.. but seriously? If they're going to keep acting like THEY are older than ME, well, I'm sorry, I'll stick with the adoption theory. UGH. I HATE THEM. I seriously wanted to punch both of them today. I even got into a slight cat fight with one of them, which okay, maybe was a bit too far fetched, but really? My blood boils just by interacting with them. I cannot for them to GTFO of my room, where both of them are comfortably holed up, because my uncle refuses to leave our house. Seriously, some people just do NOT understand the concept of 'Cutting the cord'. Even in their late forties. Not that hes ALL bad, he gave me the iTouch after all. But still. I hate kids, and I seriously can NOT stand them. Or maybe its just the brats I live with. They make me go from this to this Anyway, if I were to look on the bright side, doesn't this picture make you smile? She looks so HAPPY here. Plus shes soo pretty, with that SEXY book, I cannot wait to read. Plus PLUS, don't you just love her pretty necklace? I know I do. Aah. Getting my hands on this book will be very frustrating, since its going to be mega expensive here, and the ebook is going to take a long, long time, to be available. Ah. Life sucks. Then you die. It basically lose lose if you ask me. But I really think Meg looks beautiful here, so fresh and totally in her element! Ps, I stole this picture from her blog, check it out here: In other news, me and a friend of mine are going to have brunch at this uber cool place, this Sunday! I cannot wait, since the food is supposed to be really good there, and I'll wear this super hot outfit, which I have been saving for a long time. Its pretty sad actually, I have quite a few nice outfits saved up for going out and stuff, but uh- OOPS, I have no where to go. I truly am, in the true sense of the word, pathetic. Add that to the whole still-failing-in-physics and you have got 'Chick Lit Girl', the chick-lit book whore who sucks. As usual my thoughts are confusing and rambling. Until next time, Much love, CLG.

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