Saturday, February 26, 2011

of hot guys, a big smoochy, and the ramblings of me.

Everyone, or the people who took the survey (unless it was a single person with multiple entries and a lot of free time) has/have spoken.
And NO one wants two separate blogs, so yay. Less work for me. And we continue like this.



My life, at this point in time is a haze of tutions, forced homework completion and sneaky-ebook-reading.
I also made a tumblr, because, well, its never too late to have one of those.
I shall post the link here soon. Its in the process of awesome so, that might take a lil bitty while.

I joined this awesome e-book website for 'professional reader' peeps. I guess I'm kinda professional since I  read books, and then end up reviewing them here 80% of the time.
If you're a book blogger, and dont know anything about it: is the way to go.
You can ask publishers for ebooks, though its up to them to accept or reject your request- and then just read and review!
The books on there are ARCs- advanced reader copies, so you wont get just any book from there. But I think its pretty good, nonetheless, because they're free and you'll probably end up reviewing them before a lot of other people, and when you post said reviews, YOU WILL BE [somewhat] RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING [some] PEOPLE BUY THAT BOOK!
So its win win. Win.

I love glee. I've probably said this 13761832 times, but you know, whats true, is true.
I specially love Blaine aka Darren Criss, as of the latest epi -Blame it on the Alcohol.

I love him because he is a real man.
Singing good music and Harry Potter.
Also brave enough to play gay.
Not to mention the fact that is SO FREAKING ADORABLE.

whats not to love?

Cue creepy fan girl sigh- and- possible drool.

Also, lets not forget the book crushes of the day, shall we!?

Alex from Lauren Oliver's Delirium.
Ash from, The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.
{click on the book names for more info on their deliciousness}




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