Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Confused... a little help?

So, I have 56 followers! :D I'm super happy about that. Thank you guys, for reading whatever I have to say, commenting on my posts and just being a follower. Means a LOT. The thing is, I'm confused. I initially wanted this to be a book blog, but then I got personal, and now its a bit of both. But I cant help noticing, my personal posts get a lot more attention [comments] then my Book posts! Leading me to believe that not everyone loves hearing about the books? I dunno. So, I'm thinking maybe I should make two blogs. One solely for Chick Lit, and the other which will be filled with the mundane and random, sometimes funny that is my life. What do you think? Or should I continue with just this? Could you PLEASE help me decide by filling out the form below? It has only THREE multiple choice questions. I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU DO. CLICK HERE FOR THE FORM. xx CLG


  1. I read all of your stuff. So I think you should continue having one blog for both the things. When you talk about the books, it doesn't feel like they're not 'personal' to you. So, I think the way you're going is perfect.

  2. You should carry on just like this.

    All play and no study sucks so does All book reviews and no personal stuff.

  3. Love the blog as is.
    Ooper waley are right.
    Plus you'll have to change the layout and stuff.
    And I lovvve this one!

  4. continue like this bfffff


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