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The DUFF by Kody Keplinger- Book Review

The Duff [Designated, Ugly, Fat Friend], is awesome because of a number of reasons.
One of those many reasons include the fact that the author, Kody Kepliger, IS NINETEEN YEARS OLD.
Yeah, just a year older than me.
So maybe I should just flush my head in the toilet and leave it at that.

Ah. Anyway.
 She has a really cool blog too, which you should read maybe before starting the Duff. At least THIS part of it.
That part, contains character profiles! I think, thats a really fun idea, because she has even included pictures of the actors/people she thinks should play the part of a certain character.Which will help you picture the charecter more clearly in your head while you're reading the book!
But if you want to create your own image, I guess thats fun in itself too.

Okay- now without further ado here is the review:

The Duff

3 stars, out of 5.

Before starting it, I read many reviews of The Duff.
Some people seemed to hate it, some people loved it. There were usually extreme  views on this book, and so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Would I hate Bianca, [the protagonist]? Or, would I find myself liking her strong personality?
So I read it, unsure- but found out, it would be the latter for me.

I LOVED the Duff, and sometimes, even identified with Bianca Piper, the main character of the story.

Why you should read it:

Its an awesome story where the romance really develops and you feel YOUR feelings develop into something different too!
The heroine is strong and witty and flawed- making her oodles more realistic and lovable. And the guy... hes OH SO HOT, plus he has a personality which you grow to love.

 The story really comes together in the end, and has a lot of problems along the way, making it not very light and fluffy, but juuusssst right.

Over All  Thoughts:

At the beginning of this novel, I was STILL unsure though.
Bianca seemed really annoying, too much of a goody-two-shoes, and it felt like she felt she was above everyone and it was just- annoying, and a bit too strong. Her cussing and everything.
But as I read deeper into the story, I started understanding her better, and therefore understood her behavior as completely natural and NOT like the too-cool-for-you type I'd thought of before.

Bianca is flawed. She has problems of all sorts and so, to deal with them, she turns to her number one enemy of sorts, Wesley Rush.
Now the whole thing with Wesley was waaayyyy twisted. Why would you want to do ANYTHING with a guy who calls you the Designated, Ugly Fat Friend? And does not do this once, but EVERY.SINGLE.TIME?
At the beginning, I hated Wesley.
Detested his playboy personality and sleazy confidence.

But since Kody Keplinger is such a genius, by the end if the book, I was completely and utterly in love with him.

The way his character was developed, made him more human and less asshole-ish [mild spoiler]and I LOVED the part where he accepted his change of feelings- boy that had me smiling the whole freaking time!

I really liked how some parts made me L O L [eg, when Womanizer plays on Bianca's cell phone and, its Wes calling!] , and some made me smile- while other made me quiver with glee! (mostly the sexy Wesley parts where he admits to his lameness/parts with making out time). [end, spoilers]

And just over all, this book felt complete and lovely.

Hope you guys check it out, if you havnt already read it!



  1. People writing against this book are simply JUST jealous of Kody ,because they don't want to admit that a teen has written better than they could ever do in their lyf.
    Yea,it'as a good book and this is a good reveiw too.
    I gave it 4/5.

  2. cant wait to read this book!!

    im a new follower! =]

    support my brand new blog and enter my contest!

  3. Hamza: Thanks Hamza. Means a lot. :) Yeah 4 is a good rating for it, but I like to be very picky in my ratings, not just ANY book gets a 4 ya know? And a 5 is like reeeeeeally rare.

    Lindsay: Thanks for following! Done and done :).

  4. hey chicklitgirl! i changed the format of the contest entries, so if you want you can go to my blog and fill out the actual form! no worries if you don't, i will still add you anyways!

  5. You have a nice review! Here's mine:

    Thank you very much, have a nice day! :)



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