Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School- Uncool.

So Monday was 'the first day of school'.
I was the official 'new girl'.

It was... well. Not horrible. But I'm not jumping for joy either.

I dont have any friends, there are no hot guys, everyone has a boyfriend/girlfriend and all of them hang out in close knit groups.
Oh they're friendly alright, but I feel so stupid just going up to them, sitting in their midst, with a huge I'm-the-loser-new-kid smile on my face and listen to them share inside jokes, make attempts to include me in the conversation and etc.
Its just, I feel like they're being forced to be my friend, or that they're going to think things like 'Just look at her, trying to get all cozy with us.'
Okay, I know that sounds completely silly, but heres the thing.
The college belong to my moms sister- my khala. Her husband is the Principal and founder, and my aunt is the director.
So, on the first day, a few of the girls were called to the office and told to be 'nice' to me and make me 'feel comfortable' and were promised that I wouldn't say anything 'against' them to the Principal/Director.

Now they're basically being forced to be nice to me.
How embarrassing.

Its only been two days so far, and I'm as uncool and lame as I'll ever be.
How pathetic.

I found a sexy book shop here though. Well, okay, I knew about it before, but it was lame back then- but now?
Such super sexy books FOR LESS THAN A DOLLAR.
I bought three books yesterday, I was drooling for more, but I'm kinda broke at the moment so yeah.
The books I bought:

Its about a girl who googles herself and finds a website dedicated her.
[Click on the book to get a better summary/blurb].

Just as the tittle suggests- its about 21 different Proms!
The thing that caught my eye was the star studded author list.. David LevithanE. Lockhart, Aimee Friedman  John Green, Melissa de la Cruz and Cecily von Ziegessar, just to name a few!
And Prom=Romance=Loveloveloooooove.



Its about a new girl (LIKE MEEE) who moves into a creepy town and finds out shes a witch! As well as other witches.
I love witchy stories- the paranormal genre rocks, so this seemed 

I read the first one. Cyber Cinderella was was really nice. The plot was awesome, but it slightly fell flat for me maybe because it was a bit too drawn out and I wanted her stalker to be a bit more impressive! 
But it was a light, quick read. Perfect for when you're bored and have nothing else to do!





  1. Haha, this too shall pass..!
    You named the picture Hell! :D
    Is this the college you were talking about? Heard its good. Nothing more=

    ps. so you like impressive stalkers, hun? :)


    I love how in that picture your hair are half black half purpleeee. I miss you, you retard <3

  3. Hahaha. New schools can suck, aye?
    I start a new school this monday. YIKES.

  4. Saj- Which college? And as for 'impressive stalkers' well, yes, I'd be really flattered.

    Sal- ITS RED YOU COLOR BLIND IDIOT. Aw. Miss you too.

    Rahomie- Omg, good luck!

  5. OMG you're a book nerd too, like meeeeeee :D i like you already :P

  6. HAHAHAHA u neva tld me :P:P:P that mustve been HELL funny... who were the "few" gurls told to be naaice to u :P:P:P



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