Friday, August 20, 2010

Take Me There in 3 Days?

On the 16th Sal, and the rest threw me an awesome going away partaay at this really nice restaurant.

It was funfunfun, except for the part where they charged us for two extra dishes and then no one had enough money, and we all freaked out, and I had to pitch in AND ask my driver for money to cover the bill and we had to fight with the manager and make him admit that he had made a mistake.

But apart from that, it was fun.

They even celebrated my 18th that day, since I wont be here on the 3rd of September. [Sadness].

The gooey, chocolaty awesomeness 'going-away' & '18th Birthday' cake.

Sometimes, I feel so lucky that I have such awesome friends.
Remember my bff, the one who lives in Houston? They were actually going to set up a webcam-thing so he could 'attend', but the girl who was supposed to bring the laptop forgot. So that sucks. But its the thought that counts! And I love Sal for that. She was the main organizer, [though everyone helped] and I LOVE her for trying to make everything so perfect.

She almost succeeded in making it a 'surprise', but you know how cool I am- I totally knew what was going on so that was a huge FAIL.
It was her fault actually. We were supposed to be going for iftari, 'just us girls' and so I was wearing nice enough clothes, but not something uber cool, and she kept bugging me to pull on my skinnies and this sexy tee that I bought last week.

And I was like 'WHAT? OMG, DONT TELL ME, IS THE 'SURPRISE GOING-AWAY-PARTY TODAY?' And instead of faking it- she totally started laughing.

I mean seriously Sal, seriously?

Haha, and then she blames me for being 'too curious'.

Anyway, before that, (Saturday) I was actually, totally convinced that the party was on Tuesday and I was all 'SEE IM SUCH A GENIUS I FIGURED IT OUT, YOU GUYS ARE SO LAAAAAME' , and was saying things like 'DONT WORRY, I'LL ACT SURPRISED, WE'LL PRACTICE MY SURPRISED FACES TOMORROW' and all the while they were laughing at me for being so stupid.

Ah. The jokes on you suckerzzzz.

But its actually on me since I really wanted to be surprised for real this time. ME AND MY BIG MOUTH. I totally could have been you know. I had NO idea about Monday. My bets were placed on Tuesday.

A 'lovely going away gift'. Yeah, the guy who gave it to me thinks hes hilarious.

Alls well, that ends well though.


Packing up my books and things.

Three more days to a completely new life.
New house, friends, school- EVERYTHING.
Its scary in a way because in this last week mostly, I've realized that I seriously have some of the best friends I will EVER have. And I really dont want to lose them- at the peak of our friendship.
 I mean at the beginning of the year, I was so lost. But now I've found it again. And I dont want to lose it so soon!

Life is so unfair.

I also really want to read this book.

Dylan has a bad-boy past and a criminal record. He knows that rich, beautiful Jess is way too good for him—but she has always been the one person who sees through his tough exterior and straight to his heart, and he has been hopelessly in love with her from the first time they met. He would change his life for a chance with her.
But trouble follows Dylan wherever he goes, and a deadly mistake soon forces him to hit the road and leave his dreams behind. He’s on the run and in search of answers—answers to questions he wishes he’d never asked.

Here is an awesome review of the book, which makes me drool even more.

I saw Grown Ups last night. It was funny, yeah I LOL'd, but it didnt make me LMFAO. So it gets 2.8/5stars.
I guess I like movies that leave an impression on you. Either a happy fuzzy feeling or an 'OMG THAT WAS UNREAL' one.
Grown Ups is good if you're bored. But thats it. It doesn't have the feel-good-comedy after taste that you need when you watch a movie like this.

Sad or not, I cant wait for my other going-away presents.




  1. Grown Ups was lame. SO ARE YOU. ALLYOURFAULT. Curiosity killed DA KAT.



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