Friday, August 27, 2010

Those Crazy Pakistanis.

Only in Pakistan.

I'm sure everyone has heard or read about the floods, the joota and the sialkot horror.

All I can say is.
We suck.
And should be ashamed of ourselves.

To help, what YOU (and I) can do is to DONATE generously please, and just pray. Also, look at this helpful post right here.
Pray that people stop being so stupid and make the little things count, and see how the bigger, better ones, fall right into place.

Looking at the horrifying video clips [YouTube] of the whole Sialkot thing, the only emotion I felt was anger. At the stupid people standing around the boys, mercilessly and literally  beating them to death. HOW THE FUCK COULD THEY DO THIS? We are NOT fucking savages!
The stupid police officers just enjoying the party and the kids, joining in the fun, taking a few swings with the sticks themselves. ALL IN THE HOLY MONTH OF RAMAZAN!
This is just seriously, unbelievable.

Another all time low for our gorgeous nation.
The frustrating thing is, we're not all like that! And that is something a majority of the world simply does not, [and some of them]can not, grasp.

I had a chat on Omegle with some boy, a few months ago.
After the asl part of the conversation, [he was from the USA] he asked me 'Do you hate me?'
And I was stumped and thoroughly confused.
'What...?' was my reply, but as I hit enter, I realized what he was talking about. And so I spent the next half an hour explaining to him that no, I do not support the Taliban, I definitely don't believe in terrorism/suicide bombings/ 9.11 etc, I could never even think of killing a human being and how, I certainly donot reside, in a mud house.

That was just where I was a born okay! We moved into a grass-and-wood hut as soon as I was ten.
So there.

In your face.




  1. Chicklit, don't you think each of us need to take the due stand to make the changes that are needed? I've written about some of the things we should do on my blog!

  2. I know. If you check the link embedded in 'right here' you'll see I've linked you back to your blog on that very post.

  3. Allah is mulk ko mushkil say bachaye

  4. At least he got the spelling right ;)
    What was the 'asl' part of the convo? you know ya wanna tell!
    ps. I do hope you brought along the hut when you moved.

  5. Asl= Age, sex, location.

    Nai, the hut got destroyed in the floods :/

  6. You have highlighted an issue of serious concern. Well, in Pakistan individual could hardly play an effective role in tackling the ongoing political fiasco and economic downturn. The proper channel to voice our concerns is media but in the competition of "being first", media is portraying the grim picture of all events. In this situation of chaos in the country most people just count the problems and just discuss them. No one give solution of these problems and if someone purposes any solution he is unable to explain how to implement this solution. If we start counting problems it may take hours and still the problems being faced by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan may not finish.

    But I think if we are able to address two basic problems which are; Quality Education and Poverty, we may be able to overcome most of the problems being faced by our beloved homeland.

    If we expect govt to address these basic issues it means we live in a fool’s paradise. I think there should be a disciplined social outfit separate from politics on the basis of self help comprising of like minded people and it should work for eradicating of social evils as well as for creating social awareness.


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