Thursday, September 2, 2010

I like to Draw.

I do.
I love to draw, except I dont draw much, I generally just doodle.

             Drawn on my iPod.
When I do doodle, I like to draw girls.
NOT 'dolls', but girls.

Doodled in Paint

Mostly I like to draw pretty, curvy girls.
Its not that I'm a pervert, its just- thats how I draw 'em!

Doodled in Paint.    

Some of my doodles turn out pretty sweet- even if I say so myself.. others.. not so much.
But.. who cares really?

I just- like to draw.

 Oh, and you can now contact me on my new email address-!




  1. Woaaah i cant draw a straight line on paint, this is sooo AWESOME!

  2. Nice Drawings, though the object is same in all of them. Try drawing something else like some landscapes.. In sequence human should be taken in the last, as it is way difficult to paint their true sentiments.

  3. And One more thing

    Happy birthday to you.
    Have lots of birthday fun!
    May your birthday wishes all come true,
    Even if you have a ton.

    Now you are Excited to count yourself among 'BALIGH' =)

  4. THANKS guys.
    Mobeen, I really dont care. I DOODLE, I dont draw for people. Just for myself. So its okay. Thanks for the Birthday wishes :)


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