Friday, May 14, 2010

Why I Love Glee

Some random, reasons why Glee should be on your summer-watching list.

Okay, so thats not WHY I love Glee, its one of the reason, or maybe the main reason, why I started watching it in the first place! The other reason is MLIA. They had all these Glee realted posts, so I had to see what all the fuss was about.
Meg Cabot is Epic therefore Glee=Epic.

2. Its about MUSIC and SINGING.
I went through this phase last year, also in 2008 where I was convinced I was the Next Hilary Duff.
No, this isnt sarcasm. I loved HD. Though I dont really NOT like her, its just I listen to other stuff now.
She So Yesterday.
No pun intended.
Aw, what the hell, you know pun was intended.
To cut a LOOONG, big headed story short, I sang at a few school events and all my friends and numerous people agreed I had 'the voice'. I think I lost it somewhere along the way. But with Glee I can at least dream of those happy times, and wish I still had the voice.
Rachel always manages to dash that dream.

Okay, I've been watching this nonstop, AND IT STILL HASN'T GOTTEN OLD.
This is an old song, which has gotten a makeover from Glee.
Okay, before I bore you with an in-depth fluffly analysis, do me a favor and fall in love:

Okay first of all, in the angel getup THEY LOOK SO ANGELIC! [Seriously, no pun intended here]. I love Rachel's golden wings in the end, and how the cheerleaders look so beautiful and innocent in the begining.

Then the whole making-the-song-into-a-movie thing. I LOVED that.
And last but not the least the guys.

 Puck, Jesse or Fin?
Wow, Puck totally had me drooling in the first part. THE MUSKULAR BODZ! And that sexy bad-boy Mohawk. He is seriously, adorably hot.
I never realized Jesse was so good looking you know? I always thought he had this wishy-washy look about him. I'm glad to be proven wrong. And Fin, he was just too cute.

Well ladies, [and gents, if any read this] I guess the winner would have to be Puck.

What do you think? Don't hesitate to leave a comment. I get very excited about those as well.
Also, do you realize I have EIGHT followers now?
Yeah, I scream cool babay.

Oh and:

4- I love how Glee features dramatic irony. [Yes, I have Literature as a subject, shut up.]
Characters like Sue Sylvester never fail to crack me up, and if you know me well, you'll know I LOVE to laugh, but very things succeed in making me do so.

Glee is hilarious, with just the right amount of depth, a whole lot of fun and best of all: SHOW CHOIR!

If you're living under a rock, its time to crawl outa your happy place, and get into mine.

Lots of Love,

CLG {aka, a huge Gleek}


  1. OK. I have, HAVE - no actually want - to watch Glee to see why everyone loves it SO much. At your place again. :)

  2. I LOVE GLEEEE!!!!!!!!

    I;m a gleek!!!!

  3. @Swimmer
    Another Gleek in the house! Did you like this video?


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