Sunday, February 5, 2012

screaming cupcakes

So, at the moment, I'm watching Scream 4. Is it any good? Will I be scared shitless?
I hope so. Only time will tell. Lucy Hale is in it! I did not know that. I love Lucy Hale. She can sing too! Admittedly- just tween songs, but I really liked Run This Town.
Okay- added later- that was just stupid. -_-

I'm applying to LUMS- so fingers crossed for that! Pray for me? Please. I kinda need it. Though- I'm only doing it because Lums is well LUMS and they'll be happy.
Though me, personally? I'd like to go to BNU.

The Gap Year is in effect, at the moment. I work now too! Its supposedly a 'good' job- but pays absolute peanuts. Its the only one my Dad is letting me do because you know- I'm a girl! Working for my Aunt's A level school is safe!

To make this post more interesting, here are the cupcakes I baked and decorated for said Aunt's birthday.

Jelly hearts, vanilla butter cream icing, chocolate cupcakes.

Jelly heart, Nutella Icing, Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Cupcake.

all of 'em.

the card I made to accompany 'em.
You know when you think you're going to be friends with a certain person forever and then he or she decides they really don't give a shit? You don't? Well, good for you.
This has been my theme song for the past month.
Its brilliant- better than the original.

Recent Books read: Shatter Me by .
Any good? : OMG IT WAS AMAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4.8 stars outa 5. Review to come soon.
Fun fact about book: Tahereh Mafia is amazingly sweet. (Insignificant twitter chat! :D) She is also MUSLIM! :D x 500.




  1. Them Cupcakes looking so fresh & yummy.

  2. Good luck for LUMS :) Yummy cupcakes!

  3. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! THE CUPCAKES<3 I mean, I saw them on facebook but they look better here. I want someone to bake me something, now. The onle with the blue bunties was my favourite. :D And the card is so prettyyy! x]

    AND THE COVERRRRR. LOVED. IT. It really is better than the original.

    All the best for LUMS! <3


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