Sunday, February 12, 2012

of broken dreams

She looks at him, laughing with her and she shuts her eyes. 

This too shall pass.

She edits the party pictures, then deletes them. One by one.
He wont tell her how beautiful she is, so what then, is the point?

This too shall pass.

She cries in great gasps and hiccups and pain. Her eyes become bloodshot and swollen as she reads his last goodbye. 
They leak, of love lost and heartache gained.

This too, shall pass.

She reaches up and grabs the person telling her it will be okay. As she slowly strangles him, she laughs a crazed laugh.

It needs to pass now.


  1. Wow! Seems like you wrote this? Soo simple, yet powerful (:

  2. strong...reeking of emotions...not too shabby if you ask me ;)

  3. I love you. And that, shall never pass.


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