Sunday, June 19, 2011


Its not about the movie.

But you know Jk Rowling and her awesomeness.
She always has to do things with flair and mystery.
Who took the WOMBAT tests when they came out on her website those two times?
Remember how you had to click on a bunch of stuff on her website in a specific sequence to get to them?
And then when she was revealing the name of her books and stuff like that.

So now, if you guys have been watching all JKR and HP news, following awesome fan-sites like Mugglenet you'll know that Jk Rowling has a new project related to Harry Potter on the way!
Its not a book, but they say its 'equally exciting'.


Well, the project is called Pottermore and there are several things up for it, namely a Twitter, a teaser website and also a Youtube channel which will feature a video of JKR announcing Pottermore in four days!

My guess is that I simply do not know. But I trust Jk Rowling. If she says its good? Its most def amazing.
People are going on about the Harry Potter encyclopedia she said she might write once, but who knows at this point?

People at Mugglenet have actually gotten a glimpse at it and this is what they have to say: 'I saw a preview of Pottermore recently and can tell you that it is fantastic.'

Just as you thought it was all going to end, JKRs thrown another treat at us.

I'm so excited, I cant wait!

What about you, what do think its going to be?
Are you excited?



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