Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dont Drink and Drive... CAUSE YOU'RE 18.

We celebrated my 18th the day before yesterday!

It was so much fun.

Sal sent me a huge box of pressies, which included HP stuff, books, random jewelery and lots of letters. They also made a huge card for me, signed by all my Karachi friends.

It totally made my day.

At night, my khala (mom's sister) came over with a After Eight, sexy mint choc cake, which she'd made herself.
It was heaven.

She also brought a non-minty cake which was also really yummy.

Nanijan (my granny) made Chicken Ala Keiv which was sooooo delicious.
Hot, deep fried chicken- stuffed with herbs, cheese and butter. Mmmmmmm.

And they (the family) gave me money and chocolates and jewelery.

All in all, it was waaay better than my 17th, which was a huge FAIL.

So I'm grateful to God for that. <3

I cant believe I'm finally an adult though.
Its a scary thought. So much responsibility! I feel like I'm not ready.
But thankfully, I have awesome girlfriends and a pretty good family to help me get through!

I would like to learn how to drive though.



Ps- Thanks to Mobeen for the e-card!


  1. heyy belated happy birthday :)

  2. Hey I hate reaching this milestone. :(… you did it , now people will expect from u to behave like a philo :D

    anyhow congrats ....

  3. been there =p
    am gonna be 21 soon *sigh* xD
    happy belated birthday

  4. hey belated happy birthday!
    don't worry about all that growing up thing!!!
    in a month or two you get used to it and its actually fun enjoying all that extra freedom!!!
    so good luck!;)

  5. Belated happy birthday :)
    I'm a new follower and I love yr blog :) Keep it up :)


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