Friday, September 17, 2010


So its a temporary tattoo.
And technically its called Mehndi.

But same difference right?

Mehndi is something that girls usually paint their hands with every Eid.
Eid [pronounced: ee-d] is a three-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.
Its a herbal paste thing and its very pretty.

What I did to my hand this Eid.
This time, I didnt go get my hands painted. I dont really like most of the usual mehndi designs out there. I hate the bails and the big fat flower patterns. What I crave is intricacy, and above all, something different.

the usual mehndi designs out there

So I turned to the internet for help and thought of painting my hands myself. I got my designs from here and here.
Pretty, no?

I loved this. Its so different from the usual stuff, and so pretty.

 Eid was fun. 
Its been ages since I've had a proper Eid with the whole extended family and it felt really good. Everyone was oohing and aahing at how 'tall' I've grown and how they still remember me as that little girl they used to play with. I know I should be all 'aah, annoying aunties/uncles! Of course I've grown. Thats how it usually happens.' but to tell you the truth, it felt good. I felt loved.

What I did to my cousin's hand, this Eid.

And then there was the Eidi.
Aaah. Eidi.
I got a lot of it, this Eid, and GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT WITH SOME OF IT?

I cannot wait to read it. Stupid Bio test.
Gotta hate studying :l.
Gotta love Meg Cabot.

And oh, a fun fact for you- its an adult book, and since I just turned eighteen two weeks ago, guess what that makes me folks? 

Yep. And ADULT!

This fact makes me happy.

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  1. LOL every single blogger added her hand picture :p

  2. WOW! simply love the mehendi on your hand :)

  3. Haha Ubaid, I was too proud of my first attempts to not show them off.

    Thanks Sara! :)

  4. lol , your hand gives a hint that you are quite healthy :D

  5. Anon, thanks for implying that Im fat.
    Really appreciate it.


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