Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some Updates and A Quote by a soon to be famous Loser.


Loverboy by Michelle Jaffe was awesome as far as the mystery was concerned.  The mystery was seriously midblowing, and I couldnot, in a  thousand years see it coming AT ALL.
Loved it. The romance was kinda lame, but AT LEAST THERE WAS ROMANCE.

I honesty picked the book up, because Michelle Jaffe is an awesome friend of Meg Cabot, and Meg is always going on about how great Jaffe's books are, so since the book was JUST  a hundred rupees and Meg liked it, I decided to give it a try.
I was not disappointed :D.
Its about a serial killer who makes collages embedded with clues and then hands em over to the FBI.
Gotta love the idea right?

The Quote:

Life iz nut fare. Daz how it iz dare. U tayk Kare. Don't lat your eye gief tare. U r rare. The end is Nare. Eat cake with triple lare. Drive car on top gare. Always buy sox in pare. On eid new clothes ware. Ok?



  1. oh my god, the quote was FRIKKIN HILARIOUS.
    i think i'm going to die laughing.

    p.s thanks for following my blog! :D ♥


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