Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Life.

Its like this.

You find a beautiful butterfly. the prettiest you have ever seen, but you have to set it free- because it needs to survive, and you love it too much.

Or when you have a dog, man's (and your) best friend.
Except it keeps getting sick.
No matter how many times the vet fixes him up.
And finally, you have to give him away because the sickness is hurting you too.
And it pains to see the dog's deep and trusting eyes, and hear its whimper every night.
And to see it lose its wag again, and again, and once again.

Or when you're standing at the edge of a cliff.
To jump or to turn back and run for your life?
The bottom of the cliff- a coin toss. Heaven or hell, but behind you?
A limbo- a  bitter taste in your mouth.

Or when you fall in love with a litter of kittens. All feisty creatures, with thick and luscious white fur, and sweet pink paws. And you have to leave them, because your sister is allergic.

Or, you could just listen, to this.




  1. Sometimes I also want to stand at the cliff and jk
    Good one...

  2. What the bullshit is that? Huh. . .

  3. I don't want to sound sick and scare you or anything but that was sweet. Well, at least I could relate to the giving-away-your-dog part. Had to give a cat away, last year prolly, because it was sick.


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