Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goli Maroon Tujhay, Dakku Daddy.

I think I might just be going crazy.

Maybe its the lack of sleep or the craziness of the A level world but I've started hearing things.

Like, literal, honest to god, creepy song-voices.

And not just any creepy song-voices... but the really cheesy and extremely tacky (albeit a little funny) voices of Dakku Daddy.

Yes. I have that song in my cell phone.
Its supposed to be my alarm tone so that I wake up every morning on time, and am fully awake thanks to its horrible melody+lyrics.
But my hand, alas, has bonded with the snooze button.

So anyway- I'm sitting in Physics class, trying to stay awake as the professor drones on and on about the torque of a couple and the equilibrium of forces {wtf?!- is right.} -when I hear it.

And it jerks me wide awake.
I scrambled for my phone to switch the horror off, when I realize... my phone is.. silent.

So I'm like, whateveeez. I made a mistake. No biggy.
And restart the torturous process of digging my nails into my arm to stay awake when once again, after a minute or two- the opening lyrics and cheesy female voice jolt me out of my jaded state.
And my phone is STILL SILENT.

I stared at the blank screen for a few seconds, wondering if there was something in my qeema sandwich that I'd had just before class, but then when the music did not start again for a good minute or so, I gave up and went back to perfecting the AYWA look [asleep, yet wide awake] which consists of staring at the professor/white board and nodding ever so slightly when he looks at you and speaks, while actually dreaming about staring in your own Glee club and scoring all A*s simultaneously.

Dakku Daddy and I go way back.
Last year, the stupid godforsaken alarm rang almost WHENEVER I was in literature class, which needless to say, was filled with all the cool types- and therefore the snickers and smirks directed at me, along with the outright laughs were mortifying.
And then, not once, not twice- BUT THRICE it rang in the goddamn LIBRARY.

Heres how it went all 3 of the times:

The Gradual Realization [LOL!! HER PHONE JUST RANG IN THE LIBRARY!] followed by the Incredulous Look [wtf... is that her RINGTONE?!!!] and then finally the Sheer Amusement [ROTFLMFAO!!!!].
Oh and did I forget the Fazool Factor? [.... what a loser man*scoots away from paindoo daddy girl*]

So I'm sure you can imagine how I did NOT want a reenactment of that scene.
And how I was completely freaked out and a total paranoid wreck, flinching every time my phone buzzed, letting me know the battery was down.

The sad part was, I kept hearing little snips of the music every few seconds [TUM DAKKU HO KE DADDY!?] - and on the way home, I HEARD THE STUPID MUSIC PLAYING IN THE CAR AS WELL.
Except it was blurred around the edges,and very faint... BUT IT WAS REAL.

I hope it was.
Or else... I might just be going psycho.

One things for sure though.
I'm changing that alarm tone tonight.


Ps. this is a true story.



  2. hahahaha... LOL taht was soo funny.. u no it happens to me too like i hear my phone ringing while it catually isnt.. Thats the problem with catchy tunes..

  3. Kyun kiya meray pyar ko qaidi
    Goli Marun tujhe DAKKU DADDY :D

    "TUM DAKKU HO KE DADDY" hahahhahahahaha
    good times to reflect :P


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