Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello World! I'm not sure where to start actually. This whole blogging thing is pretty new to me, well, not reading blogs- but writing one. The basics of me? I'm a young adult, doing my A levels in Science and English. I love to read, and sometimes write. And I especially LOVE to read chick lit. I also like Greek myths and shit like that. On the whole Twilight vs Harry Potter though, HP wins hands down. I am generally angry at the world these days and sometimes have long bouts of depression, where I cry my eyes out an wallow in self pity. Yes. Life sucks, but it has its moments. I'm in love- or so I think- and so I'm waiting for that [illusion?delusion?] to end. I have a difficult family [but who doesn't, eh?] and two wonderful best friends, who unfortunately are so wonderful, that they've actually left the country. This blog will be about my random musings, love-hate relationships, book reviews, raves, rants and all that comes in between. Or maybe I'll just review books. Ah, we'll see. From yours truly, ChickLitGirl


  1. Yay! Welcoming to the blogging world! (And I'll count you as an old follower in my contest!)


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