Friday, January 18, 2013

Molten Lava Cake

So I was checking my followers and omg, I've 170+ now, which is cool as fuuuuuck and made me all 'Omg people still luff meee!!'. So I clicked around, stalked a bit, and came across this poem on one of the blogs. My poem below is inspired by its first two lines, so thanks for that Zoha!

I was going to call this one Molten Lava Cake, because its all fierce feelings and shizz, but its love so its all yummy and chocolaty too. However, then I decided- actually, on second thought, f it.
 Ima call it Molten Lava Cake, as deep as that is.
Until anyone else can come with a slightly pretentious yet obviously cooler name in the comments? Please and thank you guys.

Molten Lava Cake

Your life beat strong beneath my lips
As I stretched out my fingertips 
Trying to hold on to you, to time
To keep myself in this moment so very alive

Your moans kindled a fire within
as breaths got heavy and hands wandered 

never still but then time slipped from the tips of hands 
 too shaky to be fully in command 
And rolled off crashing to its end
Pulled apart by claws and told to bend
Our nightmare took shape, dark and black

But you stood strong and I with you
As hands held hands and vowed never to
Bend or break or ever let go
They held on as the gales ripped through
And held on as the floods threatened too 
As the plagues plagued 
 as the minds cried
They held on with almost shaky sighs
The end was near, predictions bleak
 But in the end? 

Your lips beat life through mine again
Hands intertwined with you and time again
Hopeful and happy and holding on tight
Never giving up, not ever without a fight.

I've started reading Wallbanger by Alice Clayton so hopefully that'll be good.




  1. "Trying to hold on to you, to time"
    Maybe one of the most powerful lines in the whole poem. It's beautiful. Simply written but the imagery is strong and vivid. I loved the ending.
    It reflects your "Chick Lit Girl" as well as the girl I remember from the A level days too, hence = <3

  2. I LOVE IT. You write really well. I literally FELT each verse of it. And I really like the editing on the header, too. :D

  3. Hi chicklit girl :) im following u now <3 follow me back babe

  4. Lovely poem ChickLitGirl! You're so talented, I admire you. Keep up the good work! :)

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