Saturday, January 12, 2013

And, I'm back.

I've been really neglecting this space here, and even though I'm the worst book blogger ever, it STILL feels like not fun and a sort of pressure to write really good book reviews. So yes, there will be reviews, but there will be other, maybe, hopefully probably, lots of other blog posts in here in which I just rant/rave/vent and that is all I shall do.

Here is a poem I wrote, inspired by a friend and her relationship/s.

Grilled Cheese

I still loved you in January.
They told me its okay to cry
I still loved you in February
They held me close and sighed
My heart held on in March
But the love refused to leave
And in April there were dreams
Dreams that I slowly weaved
You would remember me
As i remembered you
But May came around
And my dreams, slowly fell through
I still loved you in June
But breathing, it was easier now
I missed you in July
And in August too
But they were always there- and life again begin to bloom
In September there were chinks in the armour
But October bought change
It brought me all the hope I'd thought lost,
Brought in all the hope again
I did not miss you in November
I did not love you in December
And in January,
I love him.

I'd love for somebody to critically analyze it in the comments below. Or maybe a guess at the meaning behind the extremely deep title?
Its five am and I've been watching College Humor and Ellen for a couple of hours now and now my face hurts. 
Waaaaayyy too many lolz.

For getting into art school, my Dad bought me an S3. 
APPLE CAN SUCK MY DICKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Except not really since I don't actually have one.
A dick, that is, not the S3.

Picture for proof:

Initial thoughts? 
Its way too big. That's what she said.
Midway thoughts?
Its slow.
After resetting?

I am also in love. 

Oh, happy new years and shizz.




  1. I really like this poem. Good to see you back!

    1. Thankyou. :) Just visited your blog and Emma is adorable- Congratulations!

  2. Critical analysis huh...why is it named grilled cheese?...and...I think that's as far as I can go.
    Lucky girl about the S3 and I reserve my thoughts about Apple stuff because you never know where a Steve Jobs fanatic is hidden but careful with the battery life.Android stuff just drains like...a drain.Can't think of a better simile.
    Glad you're back!:)

  3. I love the poem. Grilled Cheese. So intense mayn. Because when you think about it, love IS like grilled cheese. Hot, it will burn your mouth but still SO GOOD. You can't not want it.

    And you lucky girlllll!! I read on this girl's blog about how she dropped her s3 in a dirty swimming pool. Apparently it survived even after being submerged for 45 minutes. :P I loved it in red though. But red phones get boring after a while I guess. Oh well, have fun with it! :D


    1. Hhahahaha I LOVE YOUR ANALYSIS. My reason is a lot less deep though :C Its cause the poem is so cheesy, and 'grilled' cause I still like it, and I think grilled cheese is better than plain cheese aka, I like it?
      I'm weird, sorry.

      Haha really? I've heard that they're super delicate. I guess time shall tell. So far I've been successful in not dropping it. Hope my luck continues. I used to have a red phone, now I don't think its cool anymore, so I went for white.

  4. In my humble opinion, the writer's describing the tiring process of moving on. Everyone expects her to carry on with her life but she feels as if she would betray her love by doing so...

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  6. Critically, it's not metrical, lacks a rhyming scheme, and is too superficial in its portrayal of emotions, if any. The only good thing I can think of is that it's not written by one who has a dick! ;)


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