Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I think a change, a change, would do you good.

So if you were around my blog recently, you've probably seen the changes I've made to the header+background!
I really like this new design. I think its slightly darker, and reflects my state of mind perfectly. The books are there, the birds flying away are there, there's pink, because I'm still that girl, but its more grown up than the previous look ChickLitGirl had.
What do you think?
I've been in a massive book slump lately. I just don't feel like reading. Its so weird.
What I want to read, is something close to perfect, and all the books I've started, they just don't pull me in. I need an attention grabber, you know, one of those awesome books which hook you from the first page, and keep their claws in you, until you're a mess of happy or sad emotions at the very end.
Books like Shatter Me, or Stolen or even Gimme a Call.
So what HAVE I been doing? Working on... art.
Since my literature dreams have been crushed (daddy issues), I've decided to get into Pakistan's best art school. Is it weird that I've turned a completely different direction yet again? Nah, I don't think so.
Doodling and drawing are two things I've been doing for a long, long time now. During high school, a lot of friends told me to get into the arts scene, but I never paid 'em much attention. I mean, I'm not spectacular, I'm slightly above average. But then lit was a no-go, and that other uni I talked about a few posts ago? Sucked sweaty horse balls.
Yeah, that bad.
So now, art school it is.

Here are two pieces from my makeshift portfolio, since I've never taken any classes, *insert Taylor Swift voice* like, ever.

I call her, Girl With Hair

Girl With Hair2
I love the hair man. I really do. Pretty colors and swirly lines- there's just something about them ya know? YA KNOW?
What- No? Just me? Okay. :C

In case anyone is wondering, yes, that is me on the header up there. I'm wearing a long tunic, called a kurta, which most Pakistanis wear here, and a black dupatta, which is a long black scarf esq thingy. I WISH that bookshelf was mine, but sadly, the picture was taken by my bff at this cafe in Karachi.

Oh and before anyone tries to say the girls' boobs are wonky- THEY'RE NOT DUDE. They're supposed to be that way. *Shakes head/rolls eyes*

Art School interview was a nerve wracking experience.
First of all, before going in, a senior came by and demanded to go through my little file of art. Basic ragging, whatever. So I showed it to him, because you know, whatever. Might as well see his reaction.

He... scoffed.

Basically was like this:

Literally scoffed and laughed in this 'WTF are you thinking guuuurlll?!' way and told me to take in someone else's work if I really wanted to get in.
Obviously, that wasn't going to happen, and thankfully he left after letting me in on that nugget of wisdom. Leaving me on my uncomfortable folding chair, a total mess.
I wasn't good enough. I knew it, and now he knew it, and in a minute they would know it too. I was actually shaking at the thought of being a disappointment/failure yet again.

Me, from the inside.
Of course, it was at that very moment that I was called in.

There were twelve people there, sitting in a half circle, and I was supposed to sit in the single chair in front. Totally felt like a Wizengamot moment. The old dude right in front of me even looked like Minister of Magic gone bad, with a pinched face and this general air of meanness about him.

So I'm showing them my meager portfolio right, and they're questioning me about my family (Dad: Civil Engineer), interest in Art (doodling since 4eva, Mum loves to paint etc), then that old dude asks me if I've ever experimented with watercolors, AFTER seeing the above drawings. And I'm like, um yeah these are water colours- (Seriously? You're supposed to be the big art expert here.)

Him: Yeah, water color pencils.
Me: Um, no, actual watercolors.
Him: What? Okay, hand them over. *examines them*

Me: Yeeeeeahhh Bichezz this is the REAL DEAL11!!

Then the nice ladies and I had a talk about literature and English, where I also discussed this blog and they seemed actually impressed! Yay. Everyone seemed to like my art too, so I was feeling pretty confident at that point. But you just knew that Mr Grumpy had 'seen it all before'. *big fat eye roll* 
So then he asked me, pointing to the application in front of him 'You've written here you like to sing?' I replied in the affirmative.

Him: So what will you sing for us today?
Me: Um..? 
Lady: Oh singing! How lovely! Are you trained or is it just for fun?
Me: Yes, I love to sing. I'm not brilliant but, Im not that bad either! No training, but I've actually-
Man: -Sing 
Me: Um
Man: *creepy intense look*
Me: Okay... sing what?
Man: You tell us.
Me: Sings.

Anyway, so everyone smiled and half clapped in the end, then they asked me to gtfo.

I think it went well, don't you? 

So when I got home, a friend who knows people at the art school called me up later in the evening.

I was just chillin', watching the latest Revolution, you know, that show where the lights go out 4eva, and then I was told- I.GOT.IN.

I got in. 
Fingers crossed it isn't all a horrible misunderstanding.




  1. First, LOVE the new blog design!
    Second, Wow...your art is beautiful.
    And lastly, congratulations on getting in!

  2. Best story ever! Sooo happy for you :)

  3. Hahahaha and happy for you!
    I just came across this blog and I'm loving it already!
    Yep the look is cute though I dunno what your older look was like...
    Keep it up(that makes me sound like a senior kg teacher,but you get it!)


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