Monday, April 16, 2012

of open letters and lMfA0 desis

Sometimes, the people you thought you'd visit forever with go all Black Swan on you, and you're left with a back full of lethal black feathers.
They hurt.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve has been more of a bane than a boon, every single time. You may think they like it, but really? They couldn't give a flying f. And I just can't switch it off
Really, I can't.

What do you want from me? What? What is your bs attitude about?
And what have I done to deserve it? We don't have to be twinsies, we really don't. I can have my life and you can have yours. We can co exist. We were doing it so well, and we were having fun, but now there is rancid bitterness and I'm lost and confused.
If I'm dead weight then kick me aside and be done with it, because if you're struggling on because of pity or old soft feelings- I'll be the first to admit it: You're hurting me.
I'd rather you're get out than stay like this. Because we're broken and I'm done trying to fix it.
But I want you to, this time, please.

And you, over there, in the corner. The bruised fellow, with tears and heartache? Shut up.
You're kind, you're smart, you're talented and you are have one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen in a person.
So shut up.
You're beautiful.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

I watched THE funniest videos EVER today. These brothers are completely silly, but so totally hilarious.

lmao x 3942394827397423

And this is dedicated to everyone who was ever nice to me, all my followers and all my best friends:
(Shut up, they're adorable.)





  1. "Wearing my heart on my sleeve has been more of a bane than a boon, every single time."
    So TRUE.
    I just enjoyed reading this :)


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