Monday, March 19, 2012

(life): What I Do and How I Be

What I Do:

How I Be:

I went to Islamabad a week ago! Will show you guys some pictures from the trip soon! Sneak peak above.
Also, I have all the Vampire Diaries' seasons. Nope, still haven't watched that show. Convince me why I should /should-not in the comments?




  1. You definitely should! I almost didn't watch the show because of all the hype around it, but it's definitely the best out there! Much better story line than gossip girl etc. Its very well executed and it'll be really hard to stop watching it once you start, trust me! The hype is worth it!

    I'd love to see some pics from Isbd! My hometown :)

  2. Why you should: Damon Salvatore. Enough Said. <3

  3. Sherlock is amazing :) i have to say i was surprised by how addictive it could be... good taste buddy :P although bhaloo did fall asleep half way through the pilot. lol. i stayed up all night and couldnt get enough of it :D i was a bit put off in the beginning because it didnt feel right you know.. its not the way you would have imagined Conan Doyle's theme behind the entire thing... but the characters are portrayed pretty well, and the entire feel of the show is.. somehow dark, psychotic and awesome :) its different, i like it. thankyou. :)


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