Saturday, December 24, 2011

a tiny peek inside

So, I'm in Karachi right now.
Its nice I suppose. I've met my best friends and hung out with them a lot and it feels wonderful to be with them again.
But? I do miss Lahore. 
I do. 

When I lived here, in Karachi- as in, went to school here and actually was LIVING here- I never really missed it when I went to Lahore for the hols. Its weird, I guess. Home is where the heart is and my heart is sorta cut up between friends and family. In that case it probably is in other parts of the world too, but only slivers of it. The only really chunks lie within Lahore and Karachi.
I've missed it though.
Lahore and Karachi- they're totally different. And no, I'm not talking about the freakin' beach debate here.

Lahore is homely, comforting. Its a cup of sweet hot cocoa on a bitter cold day, its a soft and sweet smelling grandmothers hug. Its friends who are as un-pretentious as friends can be. Sometimes its adventure but mostly? Its cozy, mismatched, but with a charm of its own.

Karachi, on the other hand is an intellectual career woman in her posh heels and trendy suit. Its haute couture and sneaking out. Its leaping off buildings and loud laughter and the best deals. Its bright red nail polish and thigh high boots. Its a blazing, bright firework of fun and excitement. 

The two can't be compared because they're just so different.

I've bought so many books here, its not even funny any more- stay tuned for a mega book post- eeeh can't wait! I'll also be holding that giveaway sometime next year- I mean next month.

Its funny how a whole year has passed.
Its sad I have absolutely nothing to show for it.


my best friend and I at Port Grand- Karachi
Ps: 5 points for guessing who is who!


  1. Aaah... Islamabad is curling up in bed with a good book on a chilly rain dreched afternoon. It's long walks on empty roads, and driving up the hills singing along to elvis and abba. It's watching blue skies and finding the clouds heart wrenchingly beautiful.

    Sometimes our first loves are our cities.

    1. Thats true. Though ISL for me was totally meh. Maybe its because I obviously I don't know it as well as people actually living there.

  2. Your friend has really nice boots. ;)

  3. hey whattay blog

    check this out....for karachiites exclusive

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    My email address is so let me know if you did want to ask anything :)


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