Monday, December 5, 2011

Beauty Queens aka best Girl Power book EVAAA.

Beauty Queens
by Libba Bray
4.3 stars out of 5

A plane full of Miss Teen Dream contestants- beauty queens, to be exact, crashes on a dessert Island.
Soon the girls find out, they are not alone, and, that girl power RAWKKZZZ.

Okay, that's obv not the real blurb, but it sucked, so I made up my own.

First of all, I think the rating says it all.

Few, very few books get higher than a 4 star rating from me, and only one book has ever 
gotten a five! (Harry Potter). Good reads are usually3-3.99 stars, EXCELLENT reads get 4 and above that are books which have it all. BQs, has it all.

The Writing: is wonderful, intelligent, easy to read, makes sense, to 
the point and unhurried.

The Dollop of Romance: is sweet and meaning full and sexy and honest.

The Girls: are, like shiny wrapped Easter eggs. Pretty sweet 
looking. And then the wrappers of each individual gets unwrapped and 
their insides are way better than you could ever imagine.
They have their secrets, they have their strengths and if there ever 
was a positive, feminist book- reader, you have arrived.

I wanted to be best friends with these beauty queens, I admired them and was inspired by them.

The beauty queens in this book are the quintessential, powerful and fantastic amalgamation of girl power and girls everywhere.
We are not a pair of boobs, or secret disappointments since boys are 'obv better' but we are fucking fabulous, so suck it up.BeautyQueens was hilarious and did not take itself too seriously, instead of being ambiguous about its message and giving it to the reader in a complicated, complex and 'open for analysis' way, it spoke to you, fully straight faced and head on: we are girls, we are your equals. 
We see right through the new world order, the horrible mind control. 
We are not oblivious, but tolerant. 
We can kick your ass, always- and forever.

It is the kind of book which is silly and straight-faced, both at the same time.
It mocks itself in ridiculous (hot bodacious pirate romance/ending dance number/etc) ways, but for me at least, instead of feeling annoyed about it, I felt that the silliness added to its awesomeness- it was so much fun!
Its insane with some bits cliched, but totally intellectual. Its an oxymoron, but really empowering.
Its Libba Bray's Beauty Queens.

Some of my fav quotes of the book: [These are just 1%, actually, since the whole book is brilliantly quotable].

1. There was something about the island that made the girls forget who 
they had been. All those rules and shalt nots. They were no longer 
waiting for some arbitrary grade. They were no longer performing. 
Waiting. Hoping.
They were becoming.
They were. 

 2. A little footnote in the book, when 'Bridal Death Match' mentioned:
36 Bridal Death Match , the popular TV show about brides who cage 
fight each other in order to win the wedding of their dreams.

3. It had the word bitches in it, which is perfectly fine to use if 
you’re a rapper or a director making a movie about career women, but 
not if you’re a teen girl talking about her homies.”

Good point, Petra. We know that young ladies of the teen persuasion do 
not use these indelicate words. Nor do they have thoughts about sex, masturbation, violence, being competitive, or farting.”

did not give this book five whole stars because I wish it had been slightly more... Realistic, things 
were a bit too smooth, and sometimes a bit too silly. I suppose its the charm of the book- but still.

Overall? Awesome book.
Read it.


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