Friday, January 28, 2011

Dentist? YA/Chicklit super star? Vassar? Nope, not coherent.

I may be having a mid teen crisis.
Okay, so Im 18, which is clearly not 'mid teen'.
But the point is Im having a (mild) LIFE CRISIS.

Heres the thing.
I'm having doubts about the whole medical thing.
I mean, what I really want to do, is go to an awesome Uni/College like Vassar, study Creative writing and English and other awesome subjects, and then, if I have to come back to Paki, be one of those cool A level/Uni Level, English Lang/Lit teachers, who earn a good amount, have fun in teaching something that they love, and then, side by side, write the best YA Chick lit novel EVA.

But mostly I just want to study in the USA. And go to Vassar. And write a best selling novel.
Thats what I really really want. THAT is the number 1 dream.

But sadly, the number two dream is obviously much more ''sensible''.
Become a dentist.
Okay, so its not that I dont like the whole dentist thing. I like it. I mean, I would love to be a dentist.
When I was lil girly, my mom took me to the most awesome dentist ever.
He had a posh waiting area with a whole built in play house, not the plastic kind- but a playhouse with two proper stories, windows, fully carpeted and yes, a slippery slip.
I loved him, because whenever we went there, I always scampered up to the 2nd story and sat in the little room, (there was a light in there as well), and I sat there and read whichever book I'd brought with me.
Then when it was time for the checkup, the dentist ALWAYS gave me cool stickers at the end, which said things like:

Despite the cheesiness, I adored them. I also found his office to be pretty cool with stuffed toys all over the place, decorated with stickers and shit.
Maybe all childrens' dentists are like that, but thats the kinda dentist I want to be. The one with a special place for his patients, and pretty cute stickers for free and over all friendliness.
I think if I become a Dentist, I'll open a dental clinic for teens and preteens (dont like under tens that much). Even though I'm 18, Im still scared of going to the dentist.
But my dental clinic, will be the shizz, with Teens always Lovin' it. And thus it will make going to the dentist slightly less daunting for pplz like moi.

But I think I've completely gone off topic here.
I want to be in a liberal arts university, but I also want to be a dentist.
Does that make sense?

The sad part is, it doesnt really matter because I didnt apply anywhere abroad, only to Simon Fraser, and that too, just for fun, and guess what? I GOT IN.
But my Dad wont ever send me there so, there is no point in doing a victory dance over that anyway.

I'm sleepy now.
Looking back, this post is neither funny, nor does it make sense, but if you read it, well, thanks.

K. I'm gonna go now.
On a more coherent note, I'm reading two books at the moment, one on ebook, the other on regular paper:


Both are really good so far. Click on them to know more about them!



  1. Duff is nice. :)

    As far as.. the whole doubt thing goess..I don't think you should give on your CLG novel dream..just because you don't think it's practical.

    On the other hand it would be cool to have an awesome dentist around. Do what you're really good at. You aren't good at both. Are you?:S Dammn..

  2. I have the fantasied dream of been a author of a best selling novel,which would break records set by Dan & rowling.
    But then the much less eccentric idea is to become a dermatologist..:)

  3. Ohmygod. I have the exact same issue. Only i want to be a doctor. and im still doing my A levels. I took psychology too, but i couldnt take E-lit coz i already had bio, chem and phys.. and it was agonizing trying decide betweent the two.. the writer/eng teacher dream seems more easy and fun.. but i guess being a doctor/dentist is more fulfilling. I got so pissed off when ppl wud say stuff like 'u shud use wat u have to the full potential and not just be a lowly teacher'.. i think thats not the point at all.. thing is the more realistic/practical option is the mainstream career. u can always write a book afterwards too.

  4. Life's all about doing what one's in love with the most. And one has to be awfully lucky to be in love with their profession. Not many are, I assure you.

    And if you think the number two dream is much more ''sensible''. Think again. For how long can one be surrounded with a posh interior/office and feel happy about it. That is the question.

    A lifetime? May be, or may be not.

  5. A dream is one thing which keep us running. I hope and pray you get to all your dreams. BTW the dentist you wanna be seems so cooool :-D

  6. I think you should pursue your dentist dream, despite that it is much sensible than the other one, I think that you will be a good dentist someday. Good luck on your chosen career!:)

  7. @Furree Katt: Thanks :), lets hope it works out.

    @Dentist Sunnyvale: Haha, thanks dude, except- how ironic [looking at your username].

    @Talha: THANKS :)

    @A Great Liar: [Whats with the whole lying thing?] Anyway, yeah you're right, maybe, maybe not.

    @AbeerJ: I KNOW RIGHT? Except you see, dental or medicine, if done from here is so LIMITED. All we're gonna study, is medicine. No creative writing minors, no touching other things- just a straight, maybe boring, and very complicated path to the doctor dream. How am I supposed to take literature and creative writing AFTER university? I mean I could, but tab tak to I'd just want to get over with studies you know?

    @Hamza? I hear ya.

    @Al: You've read it?

  8. @ChickLitGirl: Just a nick. Is it no good?

  9. You will definitely become a great dentist someday! Keep holding on to that dream. They will come true eventually. Everything's possible if you just believe. =)


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