Monday, August 27, 2012

(Movies): I'm In Love. #1

And his name is Mr SuperHero Man.

So I watched the Avengers, and really liked it. Maybe even loved. Then I wiki-ed it, because that's a thing I do, and found out its sort of a sequel movie to the others- Iron Man, Thor etc! I was totally excited. People, yes, I was living under a rock. I didn't know. 
Anyway so then I had to go and watch them all, because have you SEEN Thor? Hes a hunk. And Iron Man? Funny, witty, sexy AND SO SUPER INTELLIGENT. Captain A's a sweet heart. And I love Mark Ruffalo.
So far, I've only managed to see both the Iron Man movies, so maybe next week I'll be in love with Thor.

The only superhero movie I really saw and followed up with was Spider Man, because A) The first movie was awesome, and B) I read a Spiderman novel, where the thoughts and actions of Peter Parker were so swoon-worthy heroic/nice/adorable/badass, that I obviously fell in love. Plus the story was pretty cool as well.
And come on, Andrew Garfield? He is the epitome of hot guy. Tobey was cute too.

So: Iron Man 1 & 2 get 4/5 stars
The Avengers gets 3.95/5 stars



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  1. Wait till you see Man of Steel! I love the guy playing him...he is from The Tudors.


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