Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Blogs/Websites I visit that are NOT about Books.

Top Ten Blogs/Websites I visit that are NOT about Books.
In no particular Order.

  1. A Beautiful Mess
One of my most favorite style blogs ever! Its super colorful and bright, with all sorts of cool things like:

2. Tumblr: I have two Tumblr blogs.
The first one: It's Going To Be Totally Awesome is about random inspiring, funny, pretty pictures. With a bit of Glee/Sherlock/Game Of Thrones love thrown in, of course.
For example:

The second one is about my doodles. Cause.. I like to doodle. Prisms&Paintbrushes:

I just love the way she writes, a lot.

Another one of those lifestyle blogs. It has a LOT of fashion, all sorts- clothes, furniture, jewelry- etc. Its such a good site for artistic inspiration. And awesome DIYs for amazing bracelets and these look-alike Miu Miu sneakers:

Oh my God. SHE IS THE BEST BAKER. I've tried a lot of her recipes. The Chocolate Orange Cream Cheese Pound Cake is to die for.

Another fashion/lifestyle blog. Shes so young and really cool.

An amaaazing New York fashion blogger! I love her style. Its wearable and funky.

I just go here for the pretty. Oodles and oodles of pretty happily ever afters. *sigh*

A real life love story! <3

This lady writes about legit, hard, real life. About Pakistan mostly, and sometimes you need some intellectual real life shizz too, you know. Plus she taught/teaches at my previous A Level college. She supaa cool.

Okay, so its supposed to be the top ten sites, but this blog, to be fair is shut down. The author doesn't post on it anymore. But I still wanted to mention it here because its all about a foreigner in Pakistan. She has painted my country in real and beautiful, honest and positive colors through her posts and anyone wanting to read about life in Pakistan, the everyday simplicity that does not involve barren desserts and mud houses, should really read it.

So that's my list you guys, and I'd love to know, what are the top ten websites you frequent?



Note: This blog post title idea has been taken from a previous 'Top Ten Tuesday' meme post, hosted by The Broke and Bookish.


  1. Hey, I loved A Beautiful Mess.
    But some of your links are messed up. Number 3 and 4 open the same page. So do 5 and 6. Thought I should tell you. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Haha thanks! Check out the second tumblr link for more! And, ugh, gotta hate blogger. Thanks for letting me know, just fixed 'em.

  3. hey THANKS!! This is exciting! I like your doodles too ; )

  4. Thanks for all those awesome pages! So cool!


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