Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The rate of change of momentum of a body.

I stared at the paper, clenching my pencil hard in my sweaty hand.
'Define Force.' was the simple question and my brain was thinking hard of its not-so-simple answer.
Force... force... that's mass into acceleration... but whats the definition? 
I looked up yet again, squinting at the large clock some ten feet away from me. Three minutes till I could kiss Physics goodbye forever. Three minutes were all that stood between me and that last precious mark.
I read and re-read the stupid line, hoping for a clue in the repetition.
What had my notebook said about force?
I knew its base units and I'd learned its formulas. The SI units had been memorized and burnt into my retina and brain since Olevels, 2009.
But what about the blasted precise.CIE.definition?
I took a deep breath, scrawled down a cursed sentence and she cleared her throat.
My three minutes were up, she told us.
I was free, was what she meant.

*Of course, in real life, I wrote the wrong definition and I still have a lot of exams left. 


  1. Shit. Good luck for your exams though. I par. :>

  2. when in doubt ...write the definition in words dumdum ... thats what sir azhar said

  3. ^ Is that Umer Azeem? He's the only one I've ever met who uses the word dumdum.

  4. hahaha shit! gave myself away

  5. I still remember those Physics days. Now Arts has given me solace in college life. haha.
    All the best for the rest.

  6. Never Give up at giving wrong answers. It helps ...Physics.

  7. @Aaishah: Thankyou<3
    @Daniyal Arain: LOL, yeah.
    @Pixie: Arts FTW!
    @Umer:Haan bhai, thats what I did.


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