Friday, September 9, 2011

in which I talk about life and its meaning.

The days are all blurred into each other- its pretty monotonous- save for some little moments that try to break up the constancy and greyness of life.
For one, I dunno how this 'gap year' is going to work.
At first, everyone was fine with it. But suddenly, over Eid, literally EVERYONE has started having problems with me taking a year off.
My parents, my relatives, my parents' friends even.
Why, I ask them, could they have not voiced said problems before? When the universities I'm interested in were raking in their admissions and  having a jolly good time with the admission tests and all that after-Alevel crap?
Why NOW, when all of them are not taking in new kids, when the time for xyzCAT registrations AND in some cases, testing is over?

They say its because I don't talk to them, don't inform them about my 'plans'.
First of all, I TOLD them my plans. Second of all, they AGREED with the gap year scene, initially.
So why the fuck do they have to make me feel even worse about said plans now?
Why did they not offer the numerous knowledgeable contacts they had, talking about what I should do before it was too late?!
 I'm sorry.
Its their fault, not mine.
I know I screwed the Alevels up, I'm trying to make up for it.
So shut up okay?

Anyway, on a more cheerful note... Bloomsbury-Walker [WELL KNOWN SEXY BOOK PUBLISHERS] actually tweeted about my Chain Reaction book review!
Me=Ecstatic- might as well be an understatement.

Yeah, to all the book bloggers out there- I know you guys probably think its not such a big deal- but it is to me okay?
I live in Pakistan- have a BOOK blog and awesome international publishers actually call MY reviews awesome?

 In other news, Eid was fun and I got SO MUCH MONEY. *drools*
And then- my birthday was like, exactly a day after Eid, which obviously meant- yeah you guessed it, EVEN MORE MOOLAH.
I can finally get a decent phone now, mine looks like its been stamped on (it has- Dad was mad at me), sat on, and like someone regularly dropped it whenever they forgot it was on their lap (me).
They back cover is MIA and Ibu peeled off a part of the red, once very sexy metallic coating, so now its just- crap.
Not to mention how it hangs quite often and switches of whenever it pleases.
You know, despite it all, I really love my phone.
A very close friend got it for me all the way from Saddar, (in Karachi, a place far far away, where females are usually not encouraged to go to cause of the volatile [read: gross and maila] crowd. Would you label me as snob/ defence ki bachi for saying  that? Probably. But whatever.) since in our regular cellphone shops they all had it in black, not red.
It has over a kajillion texts in it from my best friends, who left me foreva and went abroad, which actually spell into a million memories.
Ima miss it, but I think its served its time. Its been with me since the summer of 2009.

Okay, so I keep switching back and forth between the blogger window and my desktop.

My birthday sucked, in a way. I slept the whole day, in a half hearted depression state. Feeling sorry for myself and all that. At night though, it got better, when my mom/grandma/sisters took me to the new Frozen Yogurt place thats opened up on MM Alam Road and then I had a special mini surprise- all thanks to the loveliness that is Sallz.
She'd somehow managed to get me a cake/card/present, all the way from Karachi!
It was super adorable and so unexpected!
After that, I had this huge silly smile on my face the whole time we were there.
The omg-someone-really-cares feeling was kinda awesome.
 Best friends like that = win.

Pictures? Yes, of course.

Ibu, strolling down zi driveway- like a bauuusss

My wonderful birthday surprise.

The frozen yogurt birthday sundae- complete with 3 scoops of ice cream (mint choc chip/butter pecan/rock road), whipped cream, topped with crushed brownie bits and waffle- with the cliched cherry on top.
Yes, I ate it all.
Yes, I'm a fat ass.

Me showing off the cute Bday card

Two lovely books given to me by another awesome friend of mine. *sigh of content*

double choc chip cupcakes- I baked for Eid

My sister's mehndi, this Eid

Me, this Eid.

I'll probably once again not be blogging as much as usual- exams in October!




Life: Something everyone goes through.
Its meaning [as defined by Google]: The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.



  1. Now we know the meaning of life. :)

  2. I seriously tried to find out the meaning of life once then I gave up thinking it to be undefinable :]

    and waaaoow for the blog layout and template and all <3

  3. Life is just for fun .so live and let other live.

    Follow ecah other .

  4. That friend who got the phone for you from Saddar must be dabastestbuoyeva

  5. Hey! Love your blog! <3 I'm a new reader. I followed it =) I'm also from Pakistan! And I'm so happy to finally find a book blogger who is also from Pakistan! I thought they never existed =P Happy belated Birthday by the way =) I also own a book blog. ( Please visit! Thanks!

  6. ha, i love how random this post is :D

    anyway, i totally understand the stuff about academic frustration. i got a really crappy A level grade in Business Studies, and it was HORRIBLE. my parents were so disappointed, and it was just so confusing because the paper went well, and then...yeah, it was bad.

    BUT, the next A level I gave? I GOT A 'B' WHOOT WHOOT. so, you see, some suckiness isn't all that bad. life goes on, and horrible grades start to matter a lot less in the long run :)

  7. Hey!
    I really like your blog. I'm also from pakistan. Happy belated birthday though...
    Can you tell me your book blog link... I really wanna check it out...
    Thanks (:


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