Friday, May 27, 2011

Author Interview: Lucy Ashford!

Can you tell I'm excited?]

[I'm sorry this is up so late- EXAMS, especially the A levels are a super horrible.]

So as a part of the Royal Wedding Blog Tour from Mills & Boon, I have on my blog today Lucy Ashford! She's going to be answering some questions about love, her short story The Problem With Josephine, and, yeah, you guessed it- weddings!

1. Are you married? If yes, how did you and your husband fall in love? What made you think... 'He’s the one!'?!

I’ve been married for a long time. We met as students . He was tall, dark and handsome and played the guitar - wow!

2.Why did you choose this particular setting for your story {The Problem with Josephine}?

I was working on my latest historical novel for Mills & Boon, ‘The Return of Lord Conistone,’ in which my hero is in the thick of it fighting the French. I needed to find out what Napoleon was doing then – in the spring of 1810 – and the answer was that he was getting married for the second time, in Paris – a truly sumptuous affair! I read more, and discovered that Napoleon’s first wife Josephine was causing rather a problem...

3.Describe your perfect wedding!
When we got married we had hardly a penny to our names. But my dream wedding would be on a Greek island, Rhodes perhaps, in the late spring, with fabulous beach scenery and history all around.
4. When did you realize you wanted to be a writer? How did you go about it?

I think I was about six, to be truthful! I’ve always written, and always read masses of novels and history. I studied English Lit at university, and my first serious venture into writing was a Mills & Boon competition, for their historical line. I was thrilled to be a runner-up. Didn’t make publication with that one, but I kept trying! The trick is, I think, to decide on a genre, read and study your favorite authors in that genre, and never give up.

5. What’s your most favorite book ever?

‘Vanity Fair,’ by William Thackeray. A wonderful, sardonic portrayal of life in the early nineteenth century. And his description of the battle of Waterloo is simply unforgettable.

6. A good piece of advice on love for all your readers?

Believe in it. 

 Read the book review I wrote for her short story, The Problem With Josephine HERE.

Leave a comment answering questions 3 and 5 and you can get two extra entries for the The Royal Wedding Giveaway I'm having here- which shall end June 8th, so enter while you still can!




  1. Wow, that is so exciting. I've only ever interviewed an author once, and it didn't really count because it was Dr. Seuss. And it wasn't really even Dr. Seuss. He was represented by my stuffed monkey whose name is Paco. He's shy, but he really opened up during the interview. I was proud of him.

  2. I would like to meet Paco.
    And feed him strawberries. Which you cannot eat. SINCE YOU ARE ALLERGIC.


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